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Unscheduled maintenance 6/11-2019 17:00 CET

Taking down the shard to add some updates.

Shard is now up again.

Update list:

Typo in poisoning skill fixed.
Logs harvesting chance have been reworked for all logs.

Reactive armor now deals less damage.
Reactive armor will now be removed when hit by a physical strike.
Song of dismissal should now work in the pvp arena.
Wall of stone, Paralyze field and Energy field can no longer be cast near certain areas like treasure map locations for example.

Stygian/Sage’s Robe is now named correctly when found in loot.

Manage guild relations now have the possibility to change page.
Guild list should no longer jump back to page 1 when clicking the info of a guild.
Some touch ups to the looks, etc.

Horses can now spawn a bit more colorful.

.email address list is now cleared from banned people.
You are now be able to send a .email to players by typing their names in “Send to:” window (Case sensitive).
.email address list is now only for characters 5 days or older, you can still send mail to these people by typing their name in the “Send to:” window directly.

Saves will now be every 1 hour instead of every 30 minutes.
Attacking someone in safe zones will now remove your warmode.
Tuning all around to make the code work better (faster starting of shard, quicker saves and more stability over long uptime etc).

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Taking out trash 6/7-2019 23:50 CET

Shard will be down for a few hours, going to take out some players that decided to not heed my warning from wednesday.

It’s no use in arguing why you or your friends got banned/got their houses removed, if you don’t know what you’ve done i suggest you read the rules. If you still don’t understand i suggest you just leave the shard with your reputation “intact”.

During this time if you try to login you might get a cryptic message, thats because the shard will only be open for staff.

Will inform when its open for players again.

Shard is now up again.

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Hotfix 4/7-2019

Hi guys, had to restart to add an hotfix.

Shard is now up again!

Digging tools for treasure maps now have a cooldown before it can be used again.

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Unscheduled maintenance 3/7-2019 21:00 CET

Taking down the shard to add some updates. Sorry for no scheduled maintenances, not sure when i have the time to do the restarts atm so i try to do it when i got some time left over.

Friendly reminder: if you decide to use a bug and not report it, be ready to take the consequences.

Shard is up again!


Increased skill gain for lockpicking.
Only spec 4 mages can now place totems.

Totems can now cast cure/heal on its master through spell reflect.

Fixed a bug with unequipping items when having a legendary item equipped.

Corpses no longer have hair/beard.
Fixed a bug with name changer script.

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Unscheduled maintenance 25/6-2019 21:00CET

Restarting to add some quick hotfixes.
If you need help with your bugged house already placed, page staff and he will help you out.

We added .setemail to make it possible to recover lost passwords in a more safe enviroment. This command can only be used once, we don’t offer support for any buy/sell/trade of accounts and if you get scammed suite yourself.
We recommend everyone to use this command for your own safety!

Shard is up again!

Update list:

Added .setemail to make it possible to set the email your account is linked to, this is for password recovery and can only be done once.

Houses should no longer have broken signs when placed.

Added .setemail to Commands list.

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Unscheduled maintenance 17/6-2019 21:00 CET

Unscheduled maintenance to fix some problems with the login server.

Shard is back up!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Updates 16/6-2019 20:00 CET.

As scheduled we will add some updates and end this round of the trash event.

Shard is now up again!

The next stop time for the event will not be scheduled and can end at any time. The top 5 people on the trash leaderboard this round will recieve prices.

Trash leaderboard:
1. Fokus
2. Chuck Norris
3. a Tainted One
4. Blair
5. The Other Side

Update list:

Explosion potions now has a 5 seconds cooldown.
Mana/Life/Stamina drain weapons now have a chance to drain instead of always draining (Void weapons are unchanged).
Cursed alchemy items should now correctly give lowered skill when equipped.

Stealth will no longer be usable before 10 seconds after using invisibility fish/pot/spell/song.
Lumberjacking harvest chances for later logs changed a bit.

Champion spawns:
Champion spawns will no longer respawn after each restart.

Added .gateprompt that will toggle between showing and not showing a yes/no gump when entering a gate. This will prompt by default.

Tamed creatures can no longer be released in guarded or safe zones. Aggressive creatures will now be killed when attacking someone in safe zones.
Heavenly ostards will no longer resurrect people that aren’t owner/co-owner or friends with recall privs in houses.

Added .gateprompt to command list.
Updated harvest chances for lumberjacking.
Added house information to Misc menu.

Trashing items found from hunting will now reward more points to the trash leaderboard per item.

PvP Arena will now clear magical fields/walls when the fight is over.
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow ghosts to pass through doors.
You should no longer randomly lose warmode in newbie dungeon.
Fixed a bug with lvl 6 maps sometimes not spawning a boss monster.

Reworked counselor privs, set up more security etc.
Added Counselor Navar to the staff team.

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Scheduled maintenance 16/6-2019 20:00 CET.

Will do a restart to add some new updates on the 16th of june 20:00 CET.

Estimated downtime ~30 minutes.

Update list will come when shard is taken down as usual.

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