How does alchemy work:

You need to make sure you got these things :

1 : an empty bottle (at least for most potions)

2 : required reagents

3 : no less than 10 alchemy skill then listed here to try

4 : a mortar or heating stand (mortar for regular potions & heating stand for pagan potions)

To make a potion double-click the mortar/heating stand it will then give a cursor and you’ll be prompted to select a reagent to use select the right reagent and you’ll start making the potion !

Reagents required will lower the higher spec mage you are.

The [level] on the name indicates the level of the potion when created and not the makers level, some potion only go to level 2 or even some that doesn’t have levels.

PotionSkill neededReagents required
Heal potion (lesser)14Ginseng x 1
Heal potion (normal)60Ginseng x 4
Heal potion (greater)85Ginseng x 9
Poison potion (lesser)15Nightshade x 1
Poison potion (normal)50Nightshade x 4
Poison potion (greater)90Nightshade x 12
Poison potion (deadly)100Nightshade x 15
Explosion potion (lesser)25Sulphurous Ash x 3
Explosion potion (normal)70Sulphurous Ash x 6
Explosion potion (greater)90Sulphurous Ash x 20
Agility potion (lesser)10Blood Moss x 1
Agility potion (normal)30Blood Moss x 3
Agility potion (greater)70Blood Moss x 9
Refresh potion (normal)10Black Pearl x 1
Refresh potion (full)50Black Pearl x 9
Strength potion (lesser)10Mandrake x 1
Strength potion (normal)30Mandrake x 3
Strength potion (greater)70Mandrake x 7
Nightsight potion (normal)10Spider Silk x 3
Cure potion (lesser)15Garlic x 1
Cure potion (normal)50Garlic x 4
Cure potion (greater)90Garlic x 9
Invisibility potion90Nightsight potion x 1
Executioner's Cap x 3
Phandel's Fine Intellect30Fertile Dirt x 1
Volcanic Ash x 1
Phandel's Fabulous Intellect60Fertile Dirt x 2
Volcanic Ash x 3
Phandel's Fantastic Intellect80Fertile Dirt x 5
Volcanic Ash x 7
Mego Invulnerability potion (lesser)30Serpent Scale x 1
Ginseng x 1
Mego Invulnerability potion (normal)50Serpent Scale x 4
Ginseng x 3
Mego Invulnerability potion (greater)80Serpent Scale x 6
Ginseng x 5
Grand Mage Refresh Elixir130Blackmoor x 15
Amethyst x 3
Homeric Might potion (normal)40Dragon Blood x 1
Greater Strenght potion x 1
Homeric Might potion (greater)75Dragon Blood x 4
Greater Strenght potion x 1
Tamla Heal potion115Greater Heal Potion x 1
Wyrm Heart x 3
Dragon Blood x 2
Star Sapphire x 3
Taint's Minor Transmutation70Fertile Dirt x 2
Deadwood x 3
Taint's Major Transmutation90Fertile Dirt x 5
Deadwood x 3
Totem130Batwing x 2
Deamon Bone x 5
Troll Hide x 6
Elixer125Diamond x 1
Wyrm Heart x 1
Dispel Potion107Pumices x 4
Pig Iron x 1
Obsidians x 2
Rebirth Potion1401 Elixer
2 Tamla Heal potion
50 Bones
50 Vials of Blood