.armWill bring up an arm gump to select weapons you wish to save to different arm slots, can then be used like ".arm 1-10" to arm different saved options.
You can also select a bag you wish to disarm to and toggle auto disarm before arming.
.autoloop XXXX.autoloop will bring up a gump to select how many loops you want to do in any crafting or gathering type skill, can also be used like ".autoloop xxxx" where xxxx is a number between 0-9999.
.c".c" brings up chat options for guild chat. ".c xxx" writes a message in guild chat with your current .c options.
.ca".ca xxx" writes a chat message to your allied guild chat.
.co".co xxx" writes a chat message to your own guild chat.
.cast.cast works for earth, necro, holy and song books.
.cast is used as following ".cast set 1-50" to set a spell you want to save on that slot. ".cast 1-50" to cast the spell you saved on that slot and ".cast reset" to reset the saved spells.
.chat".chat text" will allow you to chat with the rest of the shard. To turn off chat simply write ".chat off" and to turn it back on ".chat on".
.clearmsglogThis command will clear your .msg log that appears when you type ".msg".
.commandsWill bring up a list of all the commands you can use.
.considerShows how many innocent kills you have on your record.
.countCounts the number of items in a targeted container.
.disarmThis disarms the currently equipped weapons in your hands, if you want it to disarm the weapons to a certain bag type ".disarm bag" and target the bag you want to use instead.
.dropskillsBrings up a gump that lets you drop skills to 0, use with caution since there is no going back if mistakes are made. *need to be undressed and unmounted to use this command*
.emailAnother way of messaging people, can even message offline people.
.fameDisplays your current fame and karma.
.gatepromptWill toggle if you want gates to prompt yes/no before entering. Off by default.
.guardsWill call guards in guarded cities to help protect you against evil foes.
.guildsBrings up the guild menu.
.hairshopBrings up the hairshop menu, can only be used in the hairshop. You can find a gate to the hairshop outside of Ocllo bank.
.hungryShows your current hunger level.
.infovaultBrings up the infovault website.
.msgBrings up a msg gump where you can private msg players that are online.
.moveMoves all carried items of the same kind as the selected item to the selected bag.
.onlineBrings up a list of all currently online players showing their names and age. *Age is only updated on logoff*
.pagansShows a gump with all the pagan reagents in your backpack.
.passwordAllows you to change your password for you ultima online account. *not for the website*
.phShows what power hour is active.
.protsShow you all your current protection levels equipped.
.reagsShows a gump with all the reagents in your backpack.
.recalltotemTells your totem to recall to you, can only be used once a day.
.redeedRedeeds the target back to its original deed, can only be used on items in houses that you own or co-own.
.removejewelsWill undress you currently equipped jewelery.
.reply.reply replies to your latest .msg from another player.
.servertimeShows the current time of the server.
.setemailAllow you to an email that are linked to your account, this cannot be changed and are used for password recovery.
.showcapsShows your skills and stats caps.
.showclasseWill show your current class and level.
.skillsBrings up a menu that allows you to control the skill arrows (lock, lower, higher) and see % class.
.suicideThis command kills yourself, can be useful if you are stuck somewhere you can't use the unstuck function in help menu with.
.trashlbBrings up the trash leaderboard.
.togglebuildmarkWill toggle the "Yes/No" popup on/off when crafting items.
.togglediffWill toggle the difficulty messages on/off when using skills.
.whereWill show your current location. Useful when paging about a location problem so staff can find the location you are talking about.
.whereboatWill give you the location of your boat. UO Automap can be used to find the boat.
.wheretotemWill give you the location of your totem. UO Automap can be used to find the totem.