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    At first i think we need to implement a new timing loot, as i tryed in the past like power hours or power weekends that you put on the website to tell people when to hunt. I think we need to get t2a back with better monster then what we have now. Like i saw on a shard, super boss come back every 24 or 48 hours there like 10 or 12 of those boss in the entire world, with specials attacks all differents, we need to be like 4 or 5 player’s of different classes to get those mobs killed.

    Put an area for newbies where they can macro easily or get resources without any damage. Put a thief system class to poison other’s weapons and have specials dungeons where is possible to open only with lockpicking skill.

    Powerscroll is not bad but pretty hard to find the rights one that we need and if you get one 1/5 or less work. We need to get the power scroll to be modifiable, like Warrior or Ranger or Mage powerscroll that way people can choose the skill they want to get unlocked. And if you find one there no way to dont work.

    Bards need to be verified, they can’t even hunt with people and some of their skills don’t work properly.

    Make Color wars or battle field auto tournaments work fine.Bash made by staff. Pvp tournaments with gift for winner’s and participants 😉

    Get more chances to get Different loot… in the loot we always find same things… jewels free action or bad poison prots , bard items or thief and there none of those classes on the shard for now. Like Some Luck items on your character status we can see the little green Clover, with items of Luck you can get More diced chances to get nice loot, and better chances when it’s power Hours or week ends.

    Get a Ranking of PvM points and PVP points written directly in first page of website poeple want to be the stronger one .Points you can collect to achieve specials items… like Gm items or Diced items.

    Get more stuff like The things you did with Nagash staff… like a robe for ranger give you 25 dex + 20% melee prot , -10 str, mage hat give you more intel and melee prot etc… things like that with all classes.. specials items like that.

    Assasin’s weapons , only good for pvp and to counter get prots for it.

    As you see i got a lot of ideas to try things… but if we don’t try anything we won’t know.

    Everybody wants a Win Win experience in everything… If they don’t win anything you will loose everyone. Let’s try to get people come back. Together or not but no time to lose to make a move.