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Any Zulu hotel oldie will agree with me… goahead new players give the shard a chance!! I did and was very disappointed not to mention this is the same exact shard came out last year and only lasted a year??? Right or wrong? They said they made a newer version and a better one so they did a complete wipe… please explain the changes besides thief’s #1 class if I’m wrong go pvp a thief lmao… this shard is not for pvp at all it’s so unbalanced lol they make thief’s not possible to reveal even from another lvl 5 thief… and no protects against a thief?? I can understand lvl 6 protect not helping but not even the protects that have psnnn charges don’t help… and okay use pots and healing against them yea okay that don’t even work time you drink a Tamla each tick is like 90 hp and time before each tick is literally like 4 seconds so the time your aloud to chug a tamala your back at 20hp…. not to mention thief’s figured out a way to newbie there weapon and bolts… and why would I snitch on anyone using 4 clients it’s not rocket science to by pass a IP address lmao… I know your defending the server good for you I’m just warning true Zulu hotel players this is not how or what you will remember of Zulu hotel when you play this shard that’s all…. it’s one sided and friends that played Zulu hotel and is for them and not random oldies or new players it’s one sided and that’s a million percent accurate denied it and say what you want about me but This is nothing but facts