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Trust me, thieves dmg isnt far from OP. It’s good on low level, but as level and gear goes up thieves start to fall behind…. ALOT
when I hit a boss with bow I hit them for about 2% and my poison ticks every now and then for 1%, while a 1 spec lower ranger with equal dex will hit the same boss for 5%. I see it every day hunting several hours a day

Poison in PvE is maybe 10% of the damage done to bosses rest comes from archery/fencing

Poison only good for chasing down people who try to run way *evil grin*
The a ranger will have a hard time to keep up
but PvE, if you dont hunt in swift power(which most ppl I see in dungeons do) a ranger will crush a thief in damage cuz poison doesnt scale with gear/mage boost

If you want to balance it, you’d have to add a damage modifier to poison to scale with dex/str, but I dont see that going to happen script wise on POL or in UO for that matter