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I feel like this post would make a stronger impact if the information told in here would be accurate. It does look like you are comparing the classes in a confined space such as the arena. Sure a ranger will most likely to be defeated against a warrior when the ranger cant put any space between them. I strongly disagree with the match ups, ranger is just as likely to kill a warrior as the other way around. Going away from the matchups…

How exactly does blackrock take pp,rangers and mages out of the game? if anything blackrock is super important as a ranger, and pp has other means to dispel and is nowhere near certain death because a warrior has one. elemental fury hits harder then any weapon a warrior carries. So lets be real here, if you cant fight a warrior because he has blackrock, you surely dont know how to play the game and has no right bring up these issues. Clearly no warrior will be running around with lvl 6 fire,water,earth and air.

As for bloody, sure it does make it alot easier to kill certain bosses, but unless finding the correct weapon you are better off using kieri/lance since it will kill bosses faster and healing is rarely the problem in pvm.

Wether the mods give 50 or 5 in stats, its never pointless, there are no alternative items to wear and adding another 50-100 str/dex does make a big difference. One mod alone wont do much unless it brings you to certain points, such as 300,350,400 where the difference comes in hand. Adding bonus damage/speed.

And lastly a claim that really annoys me, ” They cant damage any player but warriors and they need around 8 mind blasts” “Like stated above they survive 8 mind blasts before dying”. I just tested it and it did 123 damage each mind blast, so no matter how you look at it, it takes 3 spells to kill a warrior as a mage, either 3-4 mindblast or dispel,curse and mindblast. Where do you get your facts from? you cant protect yourself from either dispel,curse or mindblast which every other class can and also takes 2 hits to kill a mage, not one hit.

Warriors are the least of the problems in this matter.

Where do i agree however is the mage class in general, id like for them to be more viable,same with bard. I wouldnt mind seeing pp and thief get slightly boosted in pvm aswell. While thief may not be the fastest killer, they are however the closest class to being immortal in pvp since no one can detect them and poison is super strong and will kill most people in 2 hits when dispelled. Play your cards right and you will never die.

Void weapons needs to be changed, they are rare to find but completely useless, and elemtal fury is close to impossible to find and when you do they always have a low cast rate.

All the invalid information and claims makes this post pretty dumb, while i do appreiciate the effort and i agree with you that some stuff needs to be changed, atleast get the facts straight..