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Like i said, i do agree about the part that mages should become more viable, but 3 or 8 spells is a huge difference.

Sure in theory its easier to find a blackrock weapon for a warrior seeing the amount of weapons to chose from (its 33 weapons to be exact, not 60+) although using that as an argument that warriors are to strong and needs to be changed? i dont buy it.

You make it sound like you can only use 1 pot during an entire fight. I don’t wanna tell you how to play a ranger but they are meant to distance themself, kite or run away to buy time, using a mana potion is not gonna forfeit the fight. Not to mention if you use mana pot, its gonna be early in the fight where you are not likely to have to use tamla anyway.

While bloody is more useful as a warrior then any other class, you dont need one at all, infact it would only slow you down while killing bosses since lance and kieri would be a better option in terms of speed and rarely is the case where you need extra heals other then from bandages.

For you to change the buffs, now that stat mods are weaker, you would have to change the damage itself on every single class.

Ofcourse it matters, if mages were to be more viable, the damage on mindblast would have to change for the worse. Not only would the damage input but also the damage output be changed, forcing them to use gear to be competetive but also directly impacting the damage depending on their gear, just like str and dex mods impact rangers and warriors.

I don’t get why warriors being able to use gems is a problem. You could almost as easily obtain the lvl 3 prots from gm armor. Why should warriors not be able to use it while everyone else can? Warriors are supposed to be able to tank most stuff with the correct prots.

I would love to see you tank a blue slaad as a warrior or dragon king. You clearly dont realize that rangers are faster then warriors in terms of killing bosses and will clear dungeon in a faster rate however it requires more attention from the player. Rel por is hardly an issue when you have your gear sorted out. Warriors are just a lazy mean of hunting but not the quickest one.

Every other class can protect themself against dispel while warriors cannot.

Dont get me wrong though, i agree that mages and bards requires some attention but you’re blaming items and what not on warriors being op which is so far from the truth.