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I want to add on my own.

What is the protection against magic and armor rating
1. ORE protection – protects are well exposed, but their quality giving armor is much inferior to the skin, that is, if you make leather armor and iron armor they will have a different armor ratio – this is not correct.
A. Raise the coefficient of ore.
B. Let it be as it is.

2.Elemental Pentagram armor – mining is often more difficult than mining from ore, but the protect is small.
A. Increase the protection from pentagram
B. let it be as it is

3. GM armor – gives protection from magic on par with pentagrams, meaning from its existence if they are equal ?! The name? But to get it more difficult than the pentagram.
A. Zoom Protect from GM Armora
B. let it be as it is

What concerns the balance of classes. I will talk about warrior, mage, ranger, thief.

I myself use several characters – ranger & powerplayer and it happens that they let me play mage.

ranger – when he gains a level, the damage and the distance of hitting full damage increase. At the 5th level, he has the distance of one monitor – it is possible to kill without seeing the enemy, too much for this, even though I play them and he is my favorite class.

Thief – has a bonus when gaining a level in the detection radius, stealth skills and stealth mode. In addition, he is sewn skills of archery and fencing.
Can poison weapons with poison, from which there is no protection.
In addition, the 4th level mage can not find the 4th level of the thief, then the same as on the 4th level.
At the moment, the question arises of how to detect a 6th level thief who can safely move around the dungeons, running around the bosses and expect a victim.
In addition, a thief can never die, hit – drank kure, used the haida skill.

in fact, if you play it carefully it is impossible to kill him.

mage – with increasing level gets a negative bonus to physical attack, increases magic skills – dies by 1-2 blows from any class (even if it is wearing a physical protekt -holy auras)

Warrior – runs without a barrier to magic, has a good treatment skill, but cannot cure himself from the poison of a thief without having 135 healing. Against the magician, stuffed doll.

So that we have.
The thief is not detectable by anyone.
At the thief the zone does not resist, the delay on the fish and cure are long, that it is enough for the thief to strike 1-3 times with a bow and the person dies.

Mage is needed only for caste.

War is needed only with pike and naked.

Where is the balance? Meaning from other classes if you can play a thief and kill everything you see, moreover if he has such bonuses.

Tell me how to kill a thief with a Ranger, if he is at a maximum shot distance, poison him with a poison ?!

Tell me how to kill a thief as a magician if he cannot detect him, even if he is without protects, disregarding the protector from Tempered blackrock.

Tell me how to kill a thief with a war if he will jump out only to shoot a bow with a bow.

Maybe there are answers, but if you have the same equipment and class level, the thief will be the winner.

now that it touches the world and the macro.

I am not happy with the safe zone with the free use of mining skills.

With the extraction of resources should be the risk of losing property.

What kind of division of the world into safe and aggressive?!?!?!?
I think that there are enough cities with a protected zone – I managed, I called for help, I did not have time – I died, I drank tea and went to dress and play.
 Above the post, the man indicated about the safe zone, I support him, it should not be.

Now that the rules apply.
I believe that it is necessary to paint a violation and punishment for a specific violation in the rules section, which applies to both the forum and the game – to combine, so that there is no swearing on the forum and in the game.
We came to the server recently and here you can count on the fingers of friendly people who can answer any question and not send you and threaten with a ban.

As for the teleport to the houses on the runebook, I believe that there must be some risk, therefore I think that it is necessary to prohibit the teleports in the houses. I also consider it necessary to add the function of detecting the surroundings of the house to the management of the house, so that it would be possible to check the security, for those who have neither a mage nor a thief, although the sense from them if they do not even find each other at the maximum level.

It was also possible to add some home decoration to some objects for decoration.

To be continued…