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Seriously, You can feel the way you want and ignore what was happening in the last thirty days or not, Say we gotta work as a team blah blah blah, Reality is before there wasnt much concern for certain guilds, Russians came in and started blasting everyone, Cheating or not they started winning, Now server rules have changed making it much easier to take on large groups of players with the right amount of gear. This is a fact. A thief with the ninja star and level six poison that cannot be protected will now be able to poison 8 people at once. Seeing how even buffed they most likely just lost 100 health those poison ticks are ganna hurt bad. REALLY bad. now you have effectively put an entire group on the defensive, Then you send in a mage to do a Mass dispell and they all die! the entire group. So effectively now the people who have the right stuff will be able to just kill anyone. anyone they want. There will be no skill. there will be no running away. All will die. This is a fact. Youll see in the coming days. How they slowly updated a certain class with the right items to being a godclass that will actually beat 8 people at once no issue. With one attack then disappearing unless your fighting with people who are running around with 400 or so health good luck that poison will drop you in three ticks. Done and instead of doing that to one person and then smashed by the remaining guild members your going to send the entire party into defense heal and run. like it dont like it your opinion isnt my problem. This is going to be reality. THIS is what the numbers will show. THIS is what will happen. its math not skills PSN+AOE+LESSHP= death to massive groups the boost debuff was just the way to really make sure that stuck good. ill even stop arguing with all of you. Ill just let it happen. Watch what happens in the next 30 days. This happens in every server. This is why servers end up shutting down,
The only thing this will do is smash out the russians be super excited for that. The day i started the server i watched (I) members saying some of the stupidest wierdest shit ive ever seen to some of the most respectable people ive met and i joined the guild im in because i thought what i was seeing was trash. The other day i watched the guild leader tell someone he was going to go to his house and kill him. Super cool man didnt know i was playing fornite with 10 year olds. The shit and trash talk the constant banter and bullshit they were doing to the playerbase to encite anyone to go get ganked was absolutely trash then they also hide at shady/Dung/ghost and do exactly what the russians were doing and then gank other guilds. Then the russians honestly they sucked but atleast they did something and all that stupid shit stopped because they were occupied. So just remember that they were the harassing chars before the russians then it was them. Once they weed them sobs out guess who will be doing that shit to you. Oh i forgot if you dont leave town it doesnt matter. So yea. Talk what you will say what you will. This isnt me making shit up out of thin air. This is shit that was observed. This is actual facts in my 70 days of playing this server that i have seen. Also the russians are not the only ones running more then 2 clients. But youll see them bitch about it