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Here we go again.

Good suggestions.

17k poisoncharges on a lance of lothian is very close to a permanent poison prefix on said weapon. Also weapon durability should be lowered after poison has been aplied, (no poison applied to gm weaps)

Nerf prots. Make lvl6 85-90% (no immunes)

Remove Moonstone (keep blackrock jewelry, limited to ~lvl4)

Remove blackrock weapons

Repair drain mods (leech, vampiric, bloody and VOID)

I think this will result in a more versatile pvp situation.

Anyone remember the function of the reactive armor spell? I have a vague memory that it used to reflect some physical damage upon first hit? This could add some survivability to mages that usually get one shotted by ranged attacks. I guess it was removed for a reason but may be it just needs to be tinkered with a bit.