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    Dude! Antrhax! Ooh the memories. It’s great to here those old names again and even more fun to see alot of us are still willing to play this 20 year old game. When you mentioned Susan, all kinds of names came flooding back. Randalthor, Vulcan, Doctor Evil Creatura, Yuckmouth, Sepultura, Stoney, Ed, Gandalf, Sauron. I never knew “her” in person, but we talked a couple of times. For some reason the name “Snuggle Puss Fudge You” comes to mind. Susan wasn’t an RP’er was she?
    I Started playing at ZHC a couple of months before they started introducing the whole class system. A couple of weeks before the wipe Misadventure gave me a Enchanted Sword of Zulu. I never felt so powerfull only to learn it wasn’t a very good sword :*) .

    Integer, I believe we hung out a few on ZHS along with Mosredna and a couple of more guys from ZHC. Didn’t he become a Seer or Counselor over there as well? I believe he went by Nick Fury. Wait… didn’t alot of Dutchies go to ZHS?

    Sorry guys for rambling on, but ZHC has been a big part of me when i was growing up and I have alot of great memories of it.