Hotfix 22-06-20

Due to an unforeseen issue with the latest patch we broke skill-gain for melee attacks. There was also an issue with ranged animations. Both have now been resolved.

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Scheduled Maintenance 21-06-20 10:00-10:15am

We will be applying some hot-fixes. Shard downtime will be 15 minutes.


– Vanity Vendor can now serve multiple customers at the same time.
– Adjusted Vanity shop prices.
– Fixed a bug where Warrior, Thief and PP were doing too much damage with ranged attacks.
– Fixed a bug that was causing mobiles to attack twice at half speed but doing double single hit damage.

– Reduced Tactics on Blama from 200 to 180.
– Reduced Tactics on Spectre from 200 to 70 and Swordsmanship from 175 to 75.
– Reduced Tactics on Troll Lord from 130 to 100 and Mace Fighting from 150 to 110.
– Reduced Tactics on Troll General from 150 to 110 and Mace Fighting from 150 to 100.
– Reducsed Tactics and Mace Fighting on low ranked Trolls.

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Scheduled Maintenance 20-06-20 1pm-2pm

We will be doing a bit of maintenance on the server and apply our latest patch that brings a lot of changes, as with all changes they are expected to cause issues. We have tested it as much as possible but additional fine-tuning is to be expected. Don’t hesitate to supply us with your detailed suggestions and feedback. 

Expected downtime is 1 hour.

New Systems:
– Rewritten physical combat system. 
– Added the Vanity Shop.
– Added Event Token distribution system.
– Reactivated Color Wars. 
– Unstitching (smelting for hides).
– Personal Power Hour system.


– Vanity shop added. Use the vanity vendor in Ocllo to access it (south of the bank).
– QuestToken Distribution system has been added. This creates a lottery per Quest NPC which players will automatically enter when they deal enough damage to the NPC.
– Added Color Wars system again. Needs more testing to see if it works properly now. Prizes will be vanity tokens.
– Rewritten the combat system. Code has been optimized but will need to be fine-tuned.
– Fixed a bug with Armor absorption which hasn’t been working for a decade due to a bug with casting-armors. It would only calculate armor when you wore armor with an onhitscript.
– You can now use the command .setph to activate your own personal weekly powerhour.
– Fixed a bug with AoE not affecting NPC’s in NO-PK areas.
– Killing Guild Mates will no longer reduce Karma.
– Identify bag skill and INT requirement lowered from 110 to 100.
– Mage tourneybag now includes a proper identifed staff.
– PP tourneybag received some extra PP related items.
– Fixed an issue where flipped lockables were showing an incorrect difficulty rating.

– Fixed a bug where spellcasting in certain situations would get stuck.
– When you have Earth Blessing on you, you are no longer affected by the Curse(Circle 4) spell.
– Seraphim’s Will and Angelic Aura now affect creatures under your control.
– Balanced Astral Storm and Wraith’s Breath, both now take into account protections and skills to reduce your frozen time.
– Fixed a bug with buffs where the target was already under influence.
– Fixed an issue with Spellbind not working on some monsters. (Bosses are still immune).
– You can now use targeted beneficial spells in noPK areas again.

– Shady Merchant has departed.
– Added lesser bosses (Can be found in the newbie dungeons).
– Balanced armor rating on NPC’s to compensate for the new changes in the combat system.
– Undead mare is now considered undead (was daemon before).
– Bosses will now be ejected if they enter player homes.
– Adjusted skinning for a couple bosses and added champions skinning.
– Increase loot amount for bosses and super bosses slightly.
– Fixed the Random name bug on Warrior for Hire.
– Reduced Mage Hunter ability to detect hidden.
– Fixed a bug where you could stable NPC’s that were controlled with the Control Undead spell.
– Legendary Hunter physical protection has been reduced from LVL 6 to 5.

– Added Omega Tokens to loottable.
– Fixed Earth Blessing stacking with Nagash’s Staff of Sorcery boost.
– Added Fireworks to Provisioner.
– Writing Desk now opens a container.
– Added Navar’s GM item.
– Warrior for Hire heart no longer gives a target cursor. Drag and drop the Heart on a High Priest to resurrect him. It can only be done 3 times.
– Added Rebirth Potion (Check alchemist book for ingredients). It allows you to res your own pets, a player or remove a resurrection counter from a Warrior For Hire heart.
– Nagash’s Staff of Sorcery now has a cooldown timer that shows how much time until it can be used again.
– Deadly Sure Strike Shurikens now has a cooldown timer that shows how much time until it can be used again.
– Increased loot chance on finding Resurrect and Eartquake scrolls. (lesser bosses also have a chance to drop these).
– Removed all Assassin weapons again. These weren’t meant to be in the game in this form.

– Lowered the requirements for the Protections gump to 120 (boss) and 130 (superboss) when using Evaluating Intelligence.
– Totems now inherit stats from their master.
– You now will not cause any damage nor activate spell casting weapons that are not class weapons (I.E. Bows for mages).
– Elemental Fury damage has been reduced by 20%.

– You now will not cause any damage nor activate spell casting weapons that are not class weapons (I.E. Bows for mages).

– You now will not cause any damage nor activate spell casting weapons that are not class weapons (I.E. Bows for mages).
– Song of Fright has been disabled due to causing tons of debug logging. (It’s the reason why the shard has been lagging). Logfile was almost 100 GB.

– Unstitching kit has been added to the tailor NPC. This will only work on newly crafted leather items. It will break down the material and give back some hides (similar to smelting).
– Reduced the crafting time by 2 seconds for Spec crafters with Carpentry, Bowcraft/Fletching, Blacksmithing and Tinkering.

Combat was bugged. There was an issue where Armor(AR) would only be calculated if you were wearing an armor piece with a “cast on hit” modifier on it.
This severe bug has been in the scripts since ZHP/ZHFantasia(POL095).
This lead us to completely debug the combat system (to find out what else is broken) and we came to the conclusion that it needed a complete rewrite.
Both Wintermute and myself have spent a great deal of time redesigning it from scratch.
This means that it’s now at a point where we feel that it’s ready for you guys to try it out. As with all new things there’s always a chance that things don’t work out the way they should.
Feel free to report any issues and we will sort them out if need be. We hope you will enjoy the new combat system as it makes it a bit more challenging and hopefully more rewarding.

So, what has changed in the new combat system?
– Made DEX and STR influence ranged damage, the latter counts twice as much since DEX already increases attack speed.
– Made STR influence melee damage.
– Thieves get skill bonus for ranged and Fencing weapons.
– Redesigned the Parry system where you will not automatically Parry (it was a 100% chance before).
– Because AR is now working on bosses they will be a bit tougher as well. Therefore loot has been slightly increased.
– Some creatures with ranged attack had their DEX reduced to account for the higher attack speed.

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Scheduled Maintenance 01-06-20 1pm-2pm

We have been hard at work to realize yet another great patch full of bug fixes and new content. 

We have also been redesigning our physical combat script which has unfortunately appeared to be quite the challenge. The current script has some major flaws that have gone unnoticed for years and as such is the core problem for a lot of balance issues we’ve been facing. We will be redesigning this combat script in the coming weeks and hope you will provide valuable feedback after it has been deployed.

 As such we will not be launching any major combat changes this patch. We have done some minor tweaking here and there to fix some of the current issues you have been facing. 


– Highpriest is now a level 4 mage. (If you want to be blessed by him you can give him 2000 gold for the full bless amount. Anything less than 400 will upset him).
– Highpriest payment is now based on class level instead of the strength attribute.
– Elemental Fury damage reduced by 20%.
– Ranged damage at 1 tile distance is 50% of normal damage.
– Elemental Fury / Staff of Nagash (not the boost) have received a slight nerf.
– You will now get raw ribs from player corpses. Raw ribs can’t be sold to an NPC.
– Tournament bags have been reworked.
– Summoned and Tamed spellcasting creatures won’t suicide into melee range anymore and will act more intelligently.

– Earth blessing no longer buffs dexterity.
– Shapeshift now buffs the same stats equally again.
– Fixed a bug where you could “double-cast” scrolls and spellbook spells at the same time.
– AoE spells will now take No PK areas into consideration.
– Energy Vortex is now disabled in No PK areas.
– Reworked the control on field spells. (Send feedback if they aren’t working properly).
– Slight increase to curses.
– Paralyze duration has been slightly reduced.
– Mindblast damage has been reduced by 20%.
– Apocalypse damage has been reduced by 20%.
– Teleporting through roofs no longer works.

– RPer starter gear and skills are now given by the RPer faction stone after you have entered the RPer faction.
– RPers start at level 1 in the chosen class, have 100 in all stats and receive a 50% increased skill gain due to no macroing rules.
– Added an Orc Racegate.
– RPers can now use .rc to talk to other RPers. Remember RP rules still count here!
– RPers will no longer be hurt by AoE effects and field spells from non-RPer players.

– Mage bosses now receive the appropriate amount of physical damage.
– Lots of low level NPC’s have received a nerf to their magic protections.

– Spear of Renah can no longer be double equipped with other weapons.
– Runebook dyes has been added as a vanity item for the upcoming vanity shop.
– Slayer hitscript items loot chances have been balanced. More slayer types have been added.
– Fixed a bug with lvl 3+ protection jewelry not showing the correct protection name upon being identified.
– Explosion potions now take No PK areas into consideration.
– Fixed a bug with raw resource stacks being destroyed after processing it.

– Mages receive 30% more physical damage (this also includes NPC spec mages like termuligin and wraith lord).
– Item ID is now able to target containers and corpses. This will id the contents and give skill per item. You will need 110 item-id skill to use this feature.
– Item ID now shows the rarity of certain items (yellow = uncommon ), (light-blue = rare), (blue = uncommon protection), (green = rare protection), (red = GM item) (light-purple = Legendary).
– Mages now penetrate 3% magic protection per level. Example a lvl 6 mage penetrates 18% so 95%-18%=77%.
– Totems now won’t try to heal (and consequently murder) their Liche masters.
– “All release” and “ release” commands now work on totems, giving you back the totem in item form, will require another Elixer to recreate the totem.

– Can now eat magic fish that give buffs without delay.

– Thief can now heal himself again with laced bandages.

– Fixed Song of Salvation (ress AoE!).
– Fixed Song of Beckon, now the fairies are at your command.
– Song of Beckon and Summon Guardian summons now work as intended and have the correct max summoning limit.

Crafter (this is already added but wasn’t mentioned during the last patch):
– Azurite ore Air Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Virginity ore Holy Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Lavarock ore Fire Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Undead ore Necro Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Ebon Twilight Sapphire gem water Protection decreased from 75% to 65%.
– Dark Sable Ruby gem Fire Protection decreased from 75% to 65%.
– Radiant Nimbus Diamond gem Air Protection and Necro Protection decreased from 75% to 65%.
– Dragon hide Fire Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Balron hide Necro Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Balrog hide Air Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Balrog hide Necro Protection decreased from 75% to 65%.
– Lava hide Fire Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Golden Dragon hide Fire Protection and Earth Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Ice Crystal hide Water Protection increased from 50% to 65%.
– Angel hide Holy Protection increased from 50% to 65%.

– Infovault changes to: classes and custom housing is now added to the housing section.

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Hot-fix 23-05-20

Due to some recent problems that arrived after yesterdays patch we will be applying a patch to deal with this. Any faulty items will be restored to their original values. 


– Elemental Fury damage has been reduced by 30%.
– Caster weapons and armor have their damage reduced by 30%.
– Custom house exhibit area is now open and is a safe zone which can be entered from the Ocllo Architect building.

– Reduced the Earthbless and Shapeshift self-boost (only affects mages) by lowering STR, INT a slight bit and reducing DEX by half..
– Evaluating Intelligence debug messages have been removed.
– Item ID can now be used to check item details again. Identifying normal items yields no skill gain.

– It’s a bit easier for a thief to cure himself with laced bandages.

– Curing with spells has become more difficult (use healing modifiers to increase the chance).
– Antidote has a slightly better cure chance than Cure and Arch-cure.

– Level 2 protections have been increased from 35% to 50%.
– Level 3 elemental protections now give 65% instead of 50%. All items have been adjusted.
– GM Armors and Elemental Armors give 65% elemental protection instead of 50%.
– Free action, healing modifier and physical protections will now give the correct amount. All bugged items are fixed.

– Increased the physical damage on (super)bosses by 10%.

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Hotfix applied 22-05-20 at 10pm

There were some issues so we had to apply a hot-fix.

– Healing from normal bandages works now.

– Buffs have been increased to match the mage buff.

– Random debug messages removed.
– Towncrier now spams less.

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Scheduled Maintenance 22-05-20 7pm-9pm

WARNING: You must download our new patch to get the new content.

We will be applying another balance patch tomorrow. The expected time needed to apply this patch will be around 2 hours.

– Applying (weapon)poison on targets will only work if the target is within 14 tiles.
– Evaluating Intelligence now works on Bosses and should show the proper gump.
– Item Identification now only works on magical items.
– Item Identification skillgain has increased by 25%.
– Rewrote Elemental Fury script. It should no longer stack damage.
– The “My character is physically stuck.” feature delay has been increased from 1 to 10 minutes.
– You can now plant seeds (not trees) inside dirt tiles if the dirt is inside your home. (some new houses have herb gardens inside).
– Dungeons are no longer recallable. You will either have to go back or if it’s a multi-leveled dungeon head to the end of the dungeon where an exit gate is placed.
– Magic fish and Bandages are now on the same delay timer. Magic fish = 20 seconds and bandages are 5 seconds. This means you can spam bandages but not both.
Example: Using a magic fish will make you wait 20 seconds before using a bandage or fish again.
Using a bandage will give you a delay for 5 seconds before you can decide to use another bandage or use a magic fish.

– Attack distance has been increased from 10 to 14 tiles before incurring a damage penalty.
– Rangers will now do full damage within 1 tile from defender (you will not shoot if you are on top of the defender).
– Resurrected animals by using Veterinary will no longer give karma and fame upon killing them again.

– Poison damage vs players has been slightly lowered.
– Attack distance has been increased from 10 to 14 tiles before incurring a damage penalty.
– Stolen items can now be stacked with non-stolen items.
– Physical damage has been reworked.
– Can now cure themselves by using laced bandages.
– Thief can no longer heal themselves using poisoned bandages.

– Warriors will receive slighly more damage physical at lvl 5 and 6.
– Warriors receive 20% less spell damage.
– Warriors receive a slight reduction to curses being cast upon them.
– Warriors no longer have 100% parry chance. Max is 93% at lvl 6.

– Reduced the amount of damage prevented when successfully parrying a ranged attack.
– Parry chance has been reworked.
– Class bonus: Powerplayers will gain an increased skill gain starting from lvl 3 = 10%, lvl4 = 20%, lvl 5 = 30%.

– Mage receives 20% less physical damage.
– Mage physical damage has been reworked.

– Bosses and Superbosses deal 20% less physical damage.
– Termuligin, Succubus, Wraith Lord and Dragon Lord will do less spell damage now.
– NPC’s no longer have a magic resistance skill. The higher level NPC’s will have protections instead.
– Removed normal reagents and scrolls from Boss and Superboss loot.
– Wanderer of the Void is now hostile.
– Umbral Flicker is now hostile.
– All spellcasting NPC’s should now properly show words of power.

– Protection items have been altered as follows: lvl1=25%, lvl2=35%, lvl3=50%, lvl4=75%, lvl5=/85% and lvl6=95%.
– (GM)Armor’s that give 75% protection will now give 50%.
– Elemental armors now give 50% protection to their respective element.
– Fixed blue and green tents not showing lockdowns/secures and menu’s.
– Added 17 new custom houses.
– Earth, Necro, Holy scrolls now have different item-ids.
– Changed Vampiric weapon modifer, it now drains a static amount of mana that scales with the weapon damage modifier.

– Teleport range check has been removed.
– Boosts have been increased slightly.
– Lowered Curse amount by half. Lowered Mass Curse by 1.5. Mass Curse is now more effective than Curse.
– Mass Dispel now needs to target a PC/NPC.
– Spellcasting ranged weapons no longer cast spells on hit after a range of 14 tiles. It will still do 1/4th physical damage.

– Non-RPers can no longer loot RPers.
– RPers will now leave behind a red corpse to indicate that it’s an RPer.
– Randorin now has fishable water.

– .move command gump has been renewed.

New stackables:
– Raw Reagents such as cotton, mandrake, ginseng, nightshade, hops, garlic etc.
– Totems
– Transcendance scrolls.
– Omega Tokens (for the upcoming vanity shop).

– Algaran has been promoted to developer.

 Click the image below to see the new houses!

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Rule change

Ghosting rules have changed. The rules are now as followed:

What does “Ghosting” mean? It basically means that placing a stationary character in front or inside a dungeon or other points of interest(only NPC related points of interest) to observe when someone is entering a place such as a dungeon is now illegal.
By doing this you will be able to easily avoid confrontation with other players by abusing a second character as a dummy. Anyone caught doing this will receive punishment. Scouting with a geared character that you actually play with is totally fine.
– Standing with a ghost inside a dungeon doing nothing.
– You can hide in front of a dungeon entrance. As long as you’re active it’s fine.
– Standing in front of a player house as a ghost or naked character.
– Running around as a ghost inside a dungeon.

In short using your character as a camera is forbidden.

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