You are allowed to macro 24/7. 
Please do not use a “spam” macro in public places, you won’t be kicked for being idle on this shard. Talking every few seconds is fine though.
It is prohibited to spar/macro with above eight different NPC’s and/or players.
Do not macro in jail.

– While you may use whatever selection of words when communicating with others, be mindful that staff members have full powers to jail you for whatever period of time they deem reasonable if you use any sort of rude language to them. You will first be warned, if you still continue, you may receive up to 5 days jail time if you ignore the warning;
– Do not spam in any in-game chat system. You may temporarily or permanently lose the ability to communicate via in-game systems if you abuse it;
– Racism will receive an instant 7 day jail time for the character you used and any other you are associated with;
– Abuse of staff can result in up to 7 days jail time, decided by the staff member;
– Speak English in the Global chat (.chat).

Using, abusing, or failing to report an error in the game which may give unintentional benefits will not go unnoticed for long, and may in return see you permanently lose stats, skills, characters or accounts depending on the severity of the bug abuse. If you find any exploitable bug, please report it immediately with either the in-game help system or PM Nagash the details of the bug. Not doing so will be severely punished.
There are in-game tools that we can use to track inconsistencies, so you will not get away with any major exploit for long if you choose to abuse bugs.
Any minor glitches/bugs may be reported in the Bugs and Suggestions thread in the forum or also by using the in-game help menu.

What does “Ghosting” mean? It basically means that placing a stationary character in front or inside a dungeon or other points of interest(only NPC related points of interest) to observe when someone is entering a place such as a dungeon is now illegal.
By doing this you will be able to easily avoid confrontation with other players by abusing a second character as a dummy. Anyone caught doing this will receive punishment. Scouting with a geared character that you actually play with is totally fine.
– Standing with a ghost inside a dungeon doing nothing.
– You can hide in front of a dungeon entrance. As long as you’re active it’s fine.
– Standing in front of a player house as a ghost or naked character.
– Running around as a ghost inside a dungeon.

In short using your character as a camera is forbidden.

You will receive a severe punishment or a ban if you:
– Cheat and get items as an illegal benefit;
– Cheat and get skills and stats as an illegal benefit;
– Cheat and get powers you are not meant to;
– Cheat and illegally take items from another player.

Housing and Boats:
– Houses should not be placed to block passages, roads, entrances, caves or within areas designated for hunting/monster regions. If you place your house in an incorrect position, you will be given sufficient notification to move the house. If you do not move the house it may be deleted with total loss of items and containers.
– You are responsible for what goes on in your house. Staff members are not responsible for items taken from you within the confines of your own house. Be careful with giving permissions and keys to others. If you truly believe that items have been taken illegally an investigation can be made if you can provide proof and a good enough reason for doing so.
– You may and are allowed to enter other peoples houses.
– Placing houses in Ocllo (includes the whole island) is not allowed.
– Yards should not be placed to block passages, roads, entrances, caves or mines with any items that cannot be removed by other players. Doing this will get your yard removed without warning. This may also result in some jail time!

3rd Party Programs:
Allowed macroing programs:
– EasyUO/OpenEUO;
– Autopilot;
– UoLoop;
– Razor/UOSteam;
– UOassist;
– Orion Client;
– Ghostmouse.
No use of third party programs to instantly loot corpses / containers.
All other third party programs are illegal!
Injection/Stealth client (ban without questions!)

No PK/loot Zones:
The zones are: Ocllo, Vendor Market, Jail and Star Room.
You are not allowed to spar in NO PK/loot zones.
A normal zone can be turned into a NO PK/loot zone if a staff makes the public aware of it.
During quests the quest area is NO PK / NO Loot zone!
Exploiting the safe zone somehow in order to gain an unfair advantage and or kill players will result in severe punishment.

Stay logged out in jail, you may only be logged in to page a staff.
People who are found macroing in jail will have their skills nullified.

– Vendors may only be placed in the vendor market or your house, any other place and they will be killed.
– Green Acres is off limits except for the walled in areas made by staff.
– Do NOT attack invulnerable NPCs (merchants and such), as this puts strain on the server, jail time will be given to those that do!
– Bringing animals (even tamed) into town is at your own risk. guards might kill you.
– Kidnapping NPC’s by luring them into your house is illegal. Taming and Spellbinding is fine.
– Placing items to block players from leaving or entering points of interest or prevent access to any public area is not allowed. – Placing items to create a yard is fine as long as it doesn’t obstruct points of interest.

You are not allowed to interfere with RP-er business or harm them in any way possible. They are likewise not able to harm you in any way possible. Please do respect their way of playing! Harassment will not be tolerated.


Above all, do what you know is right and no punishment should ever come your way!