Play now!

Step 1: You will need to download the Ultima Online 9th anniversary edition and install it. (Do NOT update this).

Step 2: Next you will need to download the shard files and the patch.

Step 3: Install the shard files into your Ultima Online folder.

Step 4: Apply the patch by extracting the contents into your Ultima Online folder and overwrite when asked.

Step 5: Install either Razor (Razor_Latest.exe) or UOSteam (UOS_Latest.exe) both are now in your UO folder.

Step 6: Copy the settings listed in the screenshots below (using the correct paths to your Ultima Online folder).


Port: 2593

Razor – Launcher settings

UOS – Launcher settings

Step 6: Hit Okay or Start.

Step 7: When the client starts. Create an account by typing in a account name and password. (Make sure you have a minimum of 4 and an max of 16 characters.)

Step 8: Have fun! and don’t forget to read the Rules and FAQ pages.