The end-times are coming. Most of the world has been taken over by monsters. The population is fighting to take back what is rightfully theirs. Access to the lost lands has been lost and hope is in short supply. It will be up to you as an adventurer to seek out and destroy these monsters and to help rebuilt the world by finding and forging powerful equipment and supplies.


The core is POL1.00.
The shard is hosted on a dedicated server.
The server is situated in the Netherlands on a 100/30 Mbit internet connection.

Skills and classes:

Classes feature the same mechanics as the original Zuluhotel 3. Which means 130 skill/status soft-cap and 150 skill hard-cap with no status cap.
Skill gain speed will be moderate. Which essentially means that certain skills are easier to train than others.
You will be able to start out with a boost of two skills (of your choice) set to 90 and one status (Str, Dex, Int) to 90.
(TIP: Pick two other skills that start at 50 and one other status to 60 when creating a character).


The loot has received a bunch of changes and the ways to get “good” loot has been made more difficult. For example we no longer have SoS bottles. High level treasure-maps will be inside dungeons. Most of the bosses have been randomized (which means you will not be able to lure that behemoth to the water every time). Aside from that all the NPC’s have been reworked in terms of loot and have been assigned proper loot groups. The chance for power and vanquishing weapons is fair while devastation is more difficult. Still there’s always that lucky drop.