Q: How many characters can I have online at the same time?
A: Two clients per IP/person. If you need more then contact an administrator with a valid reason.

Q: I cannot create an account.
A: Make sure your account name and password have a minimum of 4 and a max of 16 characters (no special characters).

Q: My screen keeps flashing while using Razor/UOSteam.
A: Set the compatibility settings to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) in your ZuluhotelOmega.exe and Razor/UOSteam executable.

Q: I keep getting an “Entering Britannia” message while logging in.
A: Your character does not log-out instantly and will remain logged in for a few minutes. This will cause the client to show an “Entering Britannia” message while you attempt to log on a different character. To solve this please log-out at an Inn with an innkeeper or at your house.

Q: How do I increase my window size?
A: In Razor go to the More Options Tab and select Force Game Size. Here you can adjust your window. Please note that the current client will show gray borders when you go beyond a certain size. This is intentional!. In-game head over to the Paperdoll and click Options -> Display (eye icon) and click on 800×600 gameplay window size.

Q: I keep getting queued message pop-ups.
A: You can disable these by deselecting the option in Razor -> More Options -> Auto-Queue object delay actions.

Q: How do I train skills at a NPC?
A: Stand next to an NPC and type vendor train.

Q: I cannot harvest lumber from Yucca trees.
A: That is correct. Yucca trees serve a decoration purpose now. Luckily there are plenty of other trees out in the world.

Q: Do I need tactics as a ranger to increase my damage?
A: No. It’s based on other factors such as class level.

Q: Do I need fencing or archery when i’m playing a thief?
A: No. Thieves can use fencing and archery weapons without needing the skill. They will also not gain any skill points in these skills.

Q: How much fishing skill do I need to catch magic fish?
A: 120.

Q: I cannot target a corpse?
A: Use the CTRL+SHIFT hotkeys to display an improved targeting gump.

Q: How do I talk to alliance members and/or guild members?
A: Use the command .ca to talk to alliance members and .co to talk to your own guild.

Q: Which commands are available?
A: Type .commands in-game.

Q: Help i’m stuck, what do I do?
A: In your paper-doll click on “Help” and then use the “My character is physically stuck” feature.

Q: I keep getting falling off my mount. Whats wrong?
A: You need to feed your mount every once in a while. It either consumes meat or vegetables.

Q: How do I disable global chat?
A: Type .chat off (“.chat on” to turn it on again).

Q: My player vendor disappeared?
A: If you don’t keep some money on him he will leave as he isn’t getting paid.

Q: My potions don’t match the spec level I currently have.
A: Potions are not based just on the spec level of the mage. There level is based on the alchemy skill and spec level. So basically the higher your skill and level the more potent (level) your potion will be.

Q: I found a magic item, how do I identify it?
A: Type “identify” near a mage type vendor. It will cost 50 gold pieces to identify an item.

Q: I’m not gaining any status points, whats wrong?
A: You won’t gain status points if you do not raise any skill. (For example: by locking combat skills you will not gain strength while fighting)

Q: Why don’t I get any starting gold?
A: You won’t receive starting gold here (to prevent people from creating large amounts of new accounts/characters). You can pick skills that give tools such as Lumberjacking. Picking up combat skills will give you starting weapons or you can simply use the begging skill to beg gold from NPC’s.