GM Weapons

WeaponDamage (x dices with x sides + fixed damage)Speed (Higher is faster)Hit typePropertiesBlocks casting if equipped
Nagash's Staff of Sorcery5d5+2380Spell hit:
Spell: Elemental fury
Chance of effect: 50%
Circle: 5
Magery +5
Magic penalty -15
Special boost when double-clicked with a 30 minutes cooldown
Dreams Tainted Fury4d4+4153Normal*No
Dekeron's Thunder6d6+1830Spell hit:
Spell: Chain Lightning
Chance of effect: 60%
Circke: 10
One Handed Dart Thrower of Amroth5d8+3050NormalOne HandedNo
Scalpel of Trevize1d8+2175Piercing hit*No
Lance of Lothian2d10+3654Banish hit*No
Spear of Renah3d6+3860Spell hit:
Spell: Meteor Swarm
Chance of effect: 50%
Circle: 7
Tjaldur's Staff of Haste5d5+2090Normal*No
Anubis's Mace of Death4d3+3675Normal*No
Omero's Pickaxe1d15+540NormalDouble ore amountNo
Erik's Big Basher4d6+3745Slayer hit:
Dragon slayer
Balthazaar's Chilling Scimitar2d7+2071Spell hit:
Spell: Ice Strike
Chance of effect: 50%
Circle: 10
Axe of Anias3d5+3550Spell hit:
Spell: Explosion
Chance of effect: 50%
Circle 5
Katana of Kieri2d8+3587Normal*No
Bardiche of Lynx5d6+3833Random slayer type each hit (Not human slayer)2 tiles rangeNo
Xarafax's Axe4d750NormalDouble log amountNo
Halberd of Alcatraz5d6+608Normal2 tiles rangeNo
Enchanted Sword of Zulu1d23+3538Spell hit:
Spell: Random(5 kinds)
Chance of effect: 50%
Circle: 5
Grark's Walking Stick3d4+3545NormalProvocation +5
Special AOE provoke when double-clicked with a 20 seconds cooldown
Tekagi of Omega3d2+3565Critical chance for warriors only. Higher chance for each level.*No
Deadly Sure Strike Shurikens***Thiefs only shurikens, use to throw multiple shurikens around you and poison everything it hits.*
Fishing Rod of Sacrifice***Double fish amountNo