To use peacemaking you will need to have an instrument in your backpack.

Peacemaking check both peacemaking skill and musicianship skill to see if you succeed.

If your target is a player it will check the players intelligence for difficulty up to a max of 150 difficulty.

If you manage to successfully peacemake a npc it will turn of war mode.

Range will increase with skill and specialization in bard class.

NpcsSkill required
a Drake110
a Bog Thing100
a Sphinx120
a Banshee120
a Wailing Host120
a Unicorn120
a Skeletal Horse120
a Giant Beetle70
a Ridgeback85
a Female Minotaur100
a Satyr75
a Yomotsu Warrior110
a Yomotsu Priest110
a Yomotsu Elder120
a Forest Lord85
a Sporelord85
a Solen Mage100
a Solen Queen105
a Solen Shaman105
a Solen Defender95
a Solen Avenger95
a Solen Apprentice Mage95
a Solen Knight100
a Solen Warrior90
a Pixie90
a Dryad90
a Skeletal Drake115
a Centaur150
a Grave Spider115
an Earth Wyrm125
a Cave Dragon130
a Dark Knight70
a Vampire Bat115
Rogue King150
a Kobold Elite Warrior70
a Kobold50
a Kobold50
a Kobold Archer50
a Kobold Marksman50
a Kobold Warlock85
a Kobold General99
a Kobold Warrior50
a Kobold Warrior50
a Kobold Soldier50
a Kobold Captain70
a Kobold Priest95
a Kobold Mercenary94
a Kobold Enchanter80
a Kobold Underlord90
a Kobold Cavalry120
a Kobold Elite Cavalry70
a Kobold Horseman94
a Dark Bard105
a Bane130
a Nullmag110
a Watermag110
a Firemag110
an Earthmag110
an Airmag110
a Deathmag110
a Magusbane135
a Basilisk110
a Storm Wolf75
a Rabbit5
an Ettin80
a Zombie45
a Gargoyle80
an Eagle25
Orcish Lord80
a Corpser60
Daemon Knight120
a Dragon130
a Poison Dragon140
an Air Elemental90
an Earth Elemental90
a Fire Elemental90
a Water Elemental90
an Ettin80
a Giant Serpent80
a Gazer80
a Liche80
a Spectre60
a Noonwraith90
a Giant Spider70
a Gorilla5
a Stone Harpy75
a Harpy55
a Headless One45
a Mongbat25
a Reaper65
a Carnivorous Plant65
a Giant Scorpion70
a Skeleton50
a Slime20
a Snake60
a Troll80
a Troll80
a Troll80
a Skeleton50
a Skeleton50
a Wisp90
a Dragon130
a Drake110
a Drake110
a Terathan Warrior90
a Terathan Drone90
a Terathan Matriarch100
a Terathan Voidmage100
a Terathan Mage105
a Terathan Priest105
a Titan115
a Cyclops115
a Giant Toad80
a Bull Frog20
an Ophidian Shaman100
an Ophidian Queen105
a Sea Monster60
a Sea Serpent60
a Horse45
a Cat20
an Alligator60
a Pig25
a Horse45
a Rabbit5
a Squirrel5
a Ferret5
a Sheep30
a Chicken5
a Goat30
a Desert Ostard45
a Brown Bear50
a Panda50
a Black Bear55
a Grizzly Bear60
a Polar Bear65
a Panther65
a Skittering Hopper75
a Giant Rat35
a Cow30
a Dog3
a Frenzied Ostard85
a Forest Ostard50
a Llama50
a Walrus50
a Sheep30
a Timber Wolf55
a Horse45
a Horse45
a Cow30
a Bull70
a Bull70
a Hart60
a Hind40
a Rat20
a Pack Horse40
a Pack Llama45
a Cougar60
an Energy Vortex125
an Energy Vortex125
a Ghost60
an Evil Spellbook110
a Seeker110
a Brigand94
a Shabooli Assassin67
a Skeleton Archer50
a Bone Knight55
a Troll Lord90
a Dire Wolf80
an Ice Elemental90
a Snow Elemental90
a Shade65
Ratman Marksman75
Orc Archer75
Orc Marksman75
Lizardman archer75
an Ent100
a Bone Magician55
Lizardman Shaman80
Lizardman Warlock85
Lizardman King85
Lizardman Defender80
a Flaming Skeleton80
an Ice Skeleton55
Orcish King85
a Black Slime45
a Rock Lizard75
a Fire Lizard90
a Bloodliche100
an Undead Flayer130
a Daemon Lieutenant115
a Darkspawn115
a Daemon Spawn115
an Imp90
a Minor Daemon115
a Phase Spider95
a Green Slime45
Ogre Lord100
an Impaler115
a Bladed Daemon115
a Gremlin60
a Blightling60
an Ice Troll80
a Troll Archer85
a Troll Archer85
an Elite Troll Archer90
a Troll Marksman85
a Troll Marksman90
a Troll Warrior85
an Elite Troll Warrior85
a Troll General85
a Troll Warlord95
a Troll Chieftan95
a Troll Shaman95
Orc Warrior70
Orc Warrior70
an Elite Orc Warrior75
Orc Captain80
Orcish Cleric80
Orc Dragon Defender80
a Minotaur110
a Minotaur110
a Savage110
a Rune Beetle110
a Black Orc110
a Black Orc Shaman130
a Black Orc Defender110
a Black Orc Warboss120
a Giant Rock Spider80
a Giant Rock Scorpion80
a Stone Gargoyle75
a Hildisvini35
a Valkerie75
a Giant Frost Spider80
a Frigid Eye80
an Efreet115
a Liche Lord100
a Hell Hound95
a Frost Wolf75
a Rabid Dog35
a Rabid Cat30
a Skeletal Assassin60
an Adept Mage95
a Bone Warlock60
a Flaming Gargoyle100
a Frost Gargoyle80
a Frost Drake115
a Spectral Drake120
Lizardman the Warrior70
Lizardman the Warrior75
Lizardman the Elite Warrior75
Lizardman Marksman75
a Giant Flaming Spider90
Orc Master Mage85
a Black Wisp100
Ogre Rockthrower85
a Rogue Knight95
a Master of the Wind95
a Bewitched Bardiche65
a Bewitched Sword65
a Bewitched Armor65
a Bewitched Gauntlets65
a Bewitched Spear65
a Bewitched Warhammer65
Order of the Iron Fist95
a Raven10
Bewitched Peasant55
an Undead Lizard85
a Beholder80
a Firecrow25
a Blood Elemental120
a Poison Elemental120
a Winged Avenger95
a Brigand Marksmen55
a Giant Sand Worm120
a Snapjaw120
a Mummy50
a Patchwork Skeleton50
a Swamp Boar45
a Brigand Archer55
a Haunted Blade65
a Dark Elf Mage85
a Dark Elf Archer85
a Raptor95
a War Dog50
a Bird Dog10
a Hunting Dog10
a Guard Dog10
a Golden Hawk35
an Air Elemental Lord100
an Earth Elemental Lord100
a Crystal Elemental100
a Flesh Golem100
a Fire Elemental Lord100
a Water Elemental Lord100
a Skeletal Warrior60
a Sheep30
a Brigand Archer55
a Vampire105
a Vampire105
a Dracula105
a Frankenstein105
a Plagued Rat35
a Bat35
a Brigand55
Undead Pirate95
Undead Pirate Captain95
a Doppelganger65
a Nightmare145
a Golden Frenzied Ostard80
a Plains Frenzied Ostard80
a Mountain Frenzied Ostard95
a Swamp Frenzied Ostard80
a Highland Frenzied Ostard85
a Shadow Frenzied Ostard85
a Valley Frenzied Ostard85
a Stone Frenzied Ostard95
an Emerald Frenzied Ostard95
a Ruby Frenzied Ostard95
a Tropical Frenzied Ostard105
a Snow Frenzied Ostard105
an Ice Frenzied Ostard105
a Fire Frenzied Ostard115
a Heavenly Frenzied Ostard110
a Golden Ostard50
a Plains Ostard45
a Mountain Ostard75
a Swamp Ostard55
a Highland Ostard65
a Shadow Ostard65
a Valley Ostard55
a Stone Ostard75
an Emerald Ostard75
a Ruby Ostard75
a Tropical Ostard105
a Snow Ostard95
an Ice Ostard95
a Fire Ostard115
a Heavenly Ostard105
Snow Orc70
Snow Orc Archer75
Snow Orc Lord80
Snow Orc70
Snow Orc Warrior70
Ice Fiend115
a Terathan Avenger95
an Ophidian Shaman105
an Ophidian Defender95
an Ophidian Avenger95
a Djinn115
an Ophidian Apprentice Mage95
an Ophidian Justicar95
an Ophidian Knight-Errant100
an Ophidian Warrior90
an Ophidian Zealot90
a Rabid Rabbit55
a Lesser Shadow140
a Greater Shadow135
a Shadow Lord135
a Radiant Wisp105
a Wyvern120
a Phoenix105
a Revenant60
a Fire Drake115
an Inferno Dragon140
a Frost Dragon140
a Water Drake115
a Tidal Dragon140
an Earth Drake115
a Rock Dragon140
an Air Drake115
a Storm Dragon140
a Shadow Dragon145
a Poison Drake120
an Undead Drake115
a Dracoliche135
a Heavenly Drake125
a Celestial Dragon150
a Thing200
a Corrupted Terathan105
a Darkling Slime90
a Dark Strangler115
a Twisted Bramble125
a Blightwood125
a Wanderer of the Void100
an Umbral Flicker100
an Eviscerated Carcass125
Tainted One105
Tainted One105
Tainted One105
Tainted One105
a Twisted Animation125
a Silver Serpent115
an Ice Elemental Lord100
a Snow Elemental Lord100
a Fire Serpent90
an Amethyst Ostard75
an Amethyst Frenzied Ostard95
a Sapphire Ostard75
a Sapphire Frenzied Ostard95
a Mist Ostard60
a Mist Frenzied Ostard80
an Earth Ostard110
an Earth Frenzied Ostard120
a Necro Ostard110
a Necro Frenzied Ostard120
a Silver Steed120
a Terror Ostard65
a Phased Ostard75
a Blood Ostard80
a Plum Ostard55
a Wind Ostard55
a Terror Frenzied Ostard75
a Phased Frenzied Ostard85
a Blood Frenzied Ostard90
a Plum Frenzied Ostard65
a Wind Frenzied Ostard65
an Ethereal Horse125
a Mountain Wisp90
an Orcish Necromancer85
an Ebony Horror130
an Infernal Wisp95
an Occult Liche130
a Shadow Elemental120
a Jungle Frenzied Ostard110
a Jungle Ostard75
an Inferno Wisp115
an Abyssal Liche130
a Void120
a Mongrel Dog115
a Skeleton Protector60
a Mage Stalker104
a Corrupt Counselor100
a Corrupted Shadow140
a Poisonmare145
an Undead mare145
an Undead mare145
a Water Frenzied Ostard95
a Water Ostard75
an Obsidian Frenzied Ostard110
an Obsidian Ostard85
a Brigand Ranger55
a Dark Ranger105
a Dark Mage120
a Dark Warrior105
a Dark Thief105
a Brigand General115
a Dark Rider105
a Sand Dragon140
a Wyrm 125
a Silver Drake 125
a Golden Drake 125
a Greater Basilisk125
a Jade Golem110
an Onyx Golem110
a Sewage Golem110
a Shadow Golem110
a Steel Golem110
a Stone Golem110
a Wooden Golem110
Master of the Earth115
a Bringer of Death115
an Abominable Snowman115
a Snow Maiden120
a Yeti115
an Umberhulk115
a Forest Wraith115
a Tempest120
a Tainted Water Shrine150
a Tainted Shadow Shrine150
a Tainted Fire Shrine150
a Tainted Air Shrine150
a Tainted Earth Shrine150
a Tainted Poison Shrine150
a Solen Archmage100
a Baby Blue55
a Fairy150
a Tidal Drake115
an Inferno Drake115
a Sand Drake115
a Cave Drake120
a Celestial Drake115
a Rock Drake115
a Storm Drake120
a Gluttons50
a Gluttons50
a vrykol105
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Sorcerer100
a Vortex Naga105
an Omega Horse150
an Omega Llama150
an Omega Frenzied Ostard150
an Omega Ostard150
an Infernal Horse150
an Infernal Llama150
an Infernal Ostard150
an Infernal Frenzied Ostard150
a Ki-Rin120
a Swamp Dragonling150
an Armored Swamp Dragonling150
an Armored Undead Dragonling135
an Undead Horse135
an Undead Llama135
an Undead Ostard135
an Undead Frenzied Ostard135
Vorpal Lux150
a fairy150
a Spider Lord150
a Nemesis150
an Ancient Wyrm150
a Balron General150
The Dragon Queen150
Elder Guardian Hyperion150
Elder Guardian Buran150
a Remorhaz150
Gin the Legendary Hunter150
a Blue Slaad150
a Glutton150
The Dragon King150
Ancient Thunder God165
a Wizard Bullfrog150
the Kraken150
The Summoner150
Sapling of the Worldtree150
Chief Paroxysmus150
Dread Horn150
Lady Melisande150
Monstrous Interred Grizzle150
Ancient Earth God150
the Darkfather150
an Arcane Daemon150
a Vortex Beast150
a Hydra150
a Water Dragon150
a Quagmire150
a Quagmire150
a Storm Beast150
a Storm Wolf150
an Orc Brute150
a Rhinoceros Beetle150
a Succubus150
the Stomp150
the Stamp150
Sir Tom the Hunchback150
Fallen Angel150
a Great Wyrm150
a Golden Dragon150
a Behemoth150
an Evilpumpkin150
a Balron150
a Balrog150
a Blama150
the Horned Rat150
a Banehorn150
a Termuligin150
a Wraith Lord150
a Terathan Elder Matriarch150
a Terathan Broodlord150
a Solen Hivemind150
a Solen Destroyer150
a Terramental150
a Flaming Balron150
a Dragon Lord150
a Silver Dragon150
a Dark Lancer150
a Frost Balron150
a Water Daemon Lord150
an Abysmal Horror150
a Darknight Creeper150
a Flesh Renderer150
a Ravager150
a Mound of Maggots150
a Chimera150
a Finntroll150
a Bull Frog20
a Kappa150
a Kappa150
a Corrupt Angel150
a Shadow Knight150
a Naga Queen150
a Greater Bone Daemon150