Arms Lore

Using arms lore on a weapon or armor piece will show you their damage, current hp, circle, chance of effect, poison level and armor rating.

When used on weapons with either a cast effect or poison level one of the following messages will show:

“The item has a chance of effect of (chance)%, effective at circle (circle).”

“The item has a permanent poison level of: X”

“The item has a temporary poison level of: X”

Higher arms lore will also increase exceptional items quality.

0-5might scratch your opponent slightly
6-15would do minimal damage
16-25would do some damage
26-35would probably hurt your opponent a fair amount
36-45would inflict quite a lot of damage and pain
46-55would be a superior weapon
Above 55would be extraordinarily deadly

HP ConditionMessage
Below 20%is falling apart.
20% - 29%is flimsy and trustworthy.
30% - 39%is somewhat badly damaged.
40% - 49%is rather battered.
50% - 59%is well used.
60% - 69%suffered some wear and tear.
70% - 79%is in fairly good condition.
80% - 89%is barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes.
90% - 99%is almost new.
100%is brand new.

Armor ratingMessage
0offers no defense against attackers
1-10provides almost no protection
11-20provides very little protection
21-30offers some protection against blows
31-40serves as a sturdy protection
41-50is a superior defense against attack
51-60offers excellent protection
Above 60is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection