Fencing will increase the damage and hit chance with fencing weapons.

WeaponDamage (x dices with x sides + fixed damage)Speed (Higher is faster)Hit typeBlocks casting if equipped
Pitchfork of the Shadow Element5d4+2545NormalNo
Kryss of the Poison Element2d4+1898Poisonhit lvl 3No
Short Spear3d6+340NormalYes
War Fork4d635NormalYes
Skinning Knife1d850NormalYes
War Fork of the Water Element4d6+2553NormalNo
Swift Short Spear3d6+360NormalYes
Swift Spear1d20+154NormalYes
Swift War Fork4d653NormalYes
Swift Dagger3d375NormalYes
Swift Kryss2d4+398NormalYes
Swift Skinning Knife1d875NormalYes
Swift Pitchfork5d445NormalYes
Mystical Short Spear3d6+340NormalNo
Mystical Spear1d20+135NormalNo
Mystical War Fork4d635NormalNo
Mystical Dagger3d350NormalNo
Mystical Kryss2d4+365NormalNo
Mystical Skinning Knife1d850NormalNo
Mystical Pitchfork5d430NormalNo
Stygian Short Spear3d6+360NormalNo
Stygian Spear1d20+154NormalNo
Stygian War Fork4d653NormalNo
Stygian Dagger3d375NormalNo
Stygian Kryss2d4+398NormalNo
Stygian Skinning Knife1d875NormalNo
Stygian Pitchfork5d445NormalNo
Scalpel of Trevize1d8+2175Piercing hitNo
Lance of Lothian2d10+3654Banish hitNo
Spear of Renah3d6+3860Spell hit:
Spell: Meteor Swarm
Chance of effect: 50%
Circle: 7