Role-playing rules

  1. ABSOLUTELY no AFK macroing! No exceptions! If spoken to by Staff, you MUST respond.
  2. Members must always remain “in character” at all times. There are plenty of other ways to communicate “Out of Character” by using Discord, .msg etc… If you really must use an out of character message use the [OoC] tag. Only do this if it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. A Bio or Background story must be submitted and is subject to review by Staff before being accepted into the RPer Guild. Think this through carefully as this is the character you will be playing, although it’s expected that your character will grow and evolve as time goes on. It’s not required that you use “Thee and “Thou” unless this is part of your character’s story.
  4. RPers will have their residences in the RPer town of Randorin. This unique town is exclusive to RPers and “Outsiders” are not welcome here, unless invited to some sort of “Special Occasion”. RPers at this time have no need for a house outside of Randorin. If circumstances change, (i.e no more available housing) or if your character role requires a different style of housing (like a cave for an Orc) you can ask Staff for a change of residence.
  5. Mingling, trading, “adventuring” with Non-Members, “OUTSIDERS” is strongly discouraged and must be kept to the bare minimum. if you DO get involved in trade with “Outsiders” you MUST remain in character at all times! The idea is to depend on your fellow Guild members for trade, basic ingredients, supplies and hunting partners. Shopping at the Player Vendor Market, purchasing supplies from NPC’s is allowed.
  6. To start there will be NPC’s in Randorin. Eventually some NPC’s will be phased out and replaced with Player ran Shops. For example Mage Shops will sell Potions, scrolls anything mage related. Crafters will sell their Wares according to the character they play (Clothing Shop, Furniture store, Barrel/Keg maker etc.)
  7. Dumping items from another character onto your “RPer” is NOT allowed. You must be able to explain where you acquired an item if it comes into question. Bear in mind, Staff can check! Using your RPer character because of it’s Special Status as a mule to safely carry items for “Outsiders” is FORBIDDEN.
  8. Rules can be added or adapted by Staff if a situation requires it.
  9. You can choose to leave the RPer Guild at any time but you will lose the “Special” Status, access to Randolin, your residence and it’s contents, any “Special” RPer items that you have received and all items in your Bank Box. In short you will leave the RPer Guild naked, penniless with only your skills remaining. Once a Character leaves the RPer Guild, that Character will NOT be readmitted, however you may reapply with a New Character Bio.

Breaking these RULES will lead to immediate punishment POSSIBLY INCLUDING BANISHMENT OF YOUR RPER ACCOUNT!

P.S. This Guild is not for everyone. If you enjoy Role-playing and interacting with others of a like mind and playing style, Membership to the Role-Players Guild can be very rewarding and great fun!