To fish you will need a fishing pole or special fishing net.

If you have a weapon equipped while fishing you will cut all normal fishes to raw fish steaks directly (magic fish won’t be cut).

Having Fishing Rod of Sacrifice equipped will double the amount of fishes fished.

Normal Fishing:

ItemSkill required
Normal Fishes0
Random map: lvl 1-40
Special fishing net0
Aquaria Shell 10
Capricornia Shell 20
Sea Nymph 30
Neptune's Nautilus 4120
Sea Shore Sand Dollar 5120
Magic fish120

Fishing Nets:

ItemSkill required
Old money-bag0
Magic fish0
Fishing trophy0
Bone armor / Heavy crossbow0
Sea Shore Sand Dollar 50
Divinia Shell 60
Mermaid Shell 70
Ocean Odyssey 8100
Talimari 9100
Bonearms of Terror120
Bonegloves of Terror125
Bonelegs of Terror130
Bonetunic of Terror135
Bonehelm of Terror140
One Handed Dart Thrower of Amroth150
Fishing Rod of Sacrifice150

Magic Fish:

Bless FishBless5 Minutes25
Agility FishAgility5 Minutes35
Cunning FishCunning5 Minutes35
Strength FishStrength5 Minutes35
Cure FishCure*Lvl 10
Heal FishHeal*50
Invisibility FishInvisibility**
Night Sight FishNight Sight30 Minutes*