NPCs/Boat Commands

Draging a stable pet deed on to an animal trainer will give the pet back to you.

Sell bagWill sell all the content of a targeted bag.
Sell allWill sell all the items on you that is of the same kind of the targeted item.
SellWill bring up a sell gump that allows you to select what items you want to sell.
BuyWill bring up a buy menu that allows you to buy the selected items.
vendor train/merchant trainWill bring up a skill training gump that allows you to train the selected skills to 33.3. Different vendors can train different skills.
identifyThis command only works on mages or scribes and allows you to identify items or full bags with items.
stableThis command only works on animal trainers and will stable the selected pet.

First time opening your bank for that character? Close the bank box and open it again to make sure your items won’t bug away, no items can be replaced by staff if this happens.

bankWill bring up your bank. If this is your first time opening a bank it's recommended to close it and open it again to make sure your items don't bug away.
balanceShows the amount of gold you have in your bank.

High priests:
If you hand over less gold then asked for you will make the priest upset on you and you will have to donate gold to him before you can use his services again.

Greeting/Hail/hi/Hello/Help/FarewellChat with your high priest.
Remove curse/UncurseWill uncurse the selected cursed item.
Detect curseWill detect if the item is cursed before you try it on.
PurifyWill purify the cursed item, turning it back to the uncursed version.
HealWill cast the spell heal on you.
DispelWill cast the spell dispel on you.
CureWill cast the spell cure on you.
ProtectionWill cast the spell protection on you.
BlessWill cast the spell bless on you.

Tamed creatures:
To command your creatures you will have to type its name or “all ” before the command.
Tamed creatures will be released after a certain time if not being properly fed, check animal lore for more information.

kill/attackWill make the animal attack the target.
stopWill make the animal stop following and guarding.
comeWill make the animal come to you then stop.
follow/follow meWill make the animal follow the target/you.
transferWill transfer the animal to the selected player.
guard/guard meWill make the animal guard the target/you.
fetchWill make the animal fetch the targeted item.
dropWill make the animal drop the items in its backpack.
speakWill make the animal speak.
stayWill make the animal stay in its place.

Double-clicking your tillerman will allow you to name your boat.
Boats on this server is unlocked and can be boarded/commanded by anyone, however not drydocked by anyone. Check the commands list to find your boat if lost.
If you die on a boat it will resurrect you after a certain time has passed, be patient as this can take some time.

unfurl/unfurl sailWill make your boat move forward.
drift/raise anchorWill make your boat drift.
forwardWill make your boat move forward
leftWill make your boat move towards its port side.
rightWill make your boat move starboard.
backWill make your boat move backwards.
forward leftWill make your boat move towards its port bow side.
forward rightWill make your boat move towards its starboard bow side.
back leftWill make your boat move towards its port quarter side.
back rightWill make your boat move towards its starboard quarter side.
stop/furl sail/furl/drop anchorWill stop your boats movement.
turn right/starboardWill turn your boat starboard.
turn left/portWill turn your boat port way.
come aboutWill turn your boat 180 degrees.
fullWill make your boat move quicker.
slowWill make your boat move slower.
one forward/left/right/backWill make your boat move one step towards the direction you type.
drydockWill drydock your boat.

Player vendor:
Player vendors require payments, if your vendor isn’t carrying any gold he will leave you and all items you have on him. You can drag gold on him to have him carry it for you.
To sell items on your vendor just drag the item you want to sell onto him.

buyWill bring up a buy menu that shows what the vendor is selling.
purchaseAdd things you want the merchant to buy for you so other players can sell items to your merchant. *Use with caution so your vendor don't run out of gold and leave you*
releaseWill fire your vendor.
sellWill tell you if the player vendor is buying any items.
collectWill collect gold from your vendor, max 60k gold each time you type it.
statusWill tell you how much gold your vendor is carrying for you.
wearAllows you to dress your vendor.
strip/undressUndresses your vendor.
fullname follow meMakes your vendor follow you.
fullname stopMakes your vendor stop following you.
hireHires a fired vendor.
logWill show your vendors message log.
helpWill show you a list of all commands.

Warrior for hire:
To access your warriors backpack you double-click the warrior.
To command the warrior you will have to type the warriors name or “all ” before the commands on the list.
If your warrior for hire dies you will receive a heart that you can hand to a high priest to resurrect your warrior.

kill/attackAttacks the target you select.
stopStops the warrior from following and guarding.
heal/heal meHeal will try to heal the selected target. Heal me will try to heal you.
comeThe warrior will come to you then stop.
follow/follow meFollow will make the warrior follow the target. Follow me will make the warrior follow you.
transfer/brbChat with your warrior.
guard/guard meWill guard the target or yourself.
fetch/getWill go get the targeted item.
dropWill drop everything in the warriors backpack to the ground.
dismountWill dismount the warrior
ride/mountWill make the warrior mount the selected mount.
stfu/squelchWill squelch your warrior.
speak/unsquelchWill unsquelch your warrior.
rearmWill make your warrior change weapons.
releaseWill fire your warrior.
wearWill dress your warrior with the targeted item.
hideWill hide your warrior.
showpackWill open your warriors backpack.
warcryWill make your warrior warcry.
go crazyWill make your warrior go crazy.
undressWill undress you warrior.

To command your totem you will have to type its name or “all ” before the command.
If you loose your totem you can use either .wheretotem or .recalltotem to get your totem back, more information in the commands section.

stopStops the totem from following.
comeMakes the totem come to you then stop.
followMakes the totem follow you.
fetch/getWill make the totem fetch the selected item.
dropWill make the totem drop whatever it have in its backpack.
speakChats with your totem.
cureselfTotem will try to cure itself.
cureTotem will try to cure you.
healselfTotem will try to heal itself.
healTotem will try to heal you.
lightTotem will try to cast night sight on you.
protectTotem will try to cast protection on you.
blessTotem will try to cast bless on you.
lootWill make the totem loot items/corpses around him.
giveWill make the totem gives items in its backpack to the target.
vampWill drain mana from the master and give to the totem.
hideWill hide the totem.