ImageTypeNumber of lockdownsNumber of secure chestsNumber of teleportersPrice
Small Stone and Plaster house10010100000
Small Stone house10010100000
Small Plaster house10010100000
Small Wood and Straw house10010100000
Small Stone Shop30030125000
Small Marble Shop30030125000
Sandstone Patio house50050150000
Two-Story Log Cabin50050350000
Small Tower60060400000
Large Brick House40040750000
Large Patio house60060850000
Ranch Patio house40040850000
Two-Story Villa60060900000
Two-Story Wood/Plaster house600601250000
Two-Story Stone/Plaster house600601250000
Large Marble Patio house800801750000
Large Tower12001253500000
Grand Castle250025109000000