To use healing you will need to double-click clean bandages and target either yourself or another player.

Healing is used to either heal, cure or resurrect players.

Anatomy will increase the amount healed by healing.

To resurrect players you will need to have at least 90 in both anatomy and healing.

Healing difficulties:

TypeBandages neededSkill required
Normal heal1* Depends on missing health.
Cure level 1 poison235
Cure level 2 poison255
Cure level 3 poison275
Cure level 4 poison295
Cure level 5 poison2115
Cure level 6 poison2135
Resurrect5105 Healing
90 Anatomy

Creatures with poison hit:
CreaturePoison level
Plagued Rat1
Vampire Bat1
Energy Vortex2
Giant Spider2
Dark Strangler2
Giant Serpent3
Silver Serpent3
Giant Scorpion3
Phase Spider3
Giant Rock Spider3
Solen Mage3
Solen Queen3
Solen Shaman3
Solen Defender3
Solen Avenger3
Solen Knight3
Solen Warrior3
Terathan Mage3
Terathan Priest3
Terathan Avenger3
Ophidian Avenger3
Ophidian Knight-Errant3
Giant Frost Spider3
Giant Flaming Spider3
Giant Rock Scorpion4
Bog Thing4
Dire Weaver4
Gin the Legendary Hunter4
Poison Drake5
Vortex Minion6
Poison Elemental6
Dark Thief6
Spider Lord6
Poison Dragon6