Using begging on a merchant npc will start beg for money.

Higher begging and specialization as the bard classe will increase the amount of money gained.

You can only beg from the same npc every 60 seconds.

Possible begging messages:
Give me something please…
I need something to eat!
I’ve got four children, please help me!
Can you spare a dime?
Some thieves stole everything, I’m broke now…

Possible successful messages:
Take these, poor beggar…
Let me help you…
Use these wisely!
Alright, but stop disturbing me!
I wish I could give more…

Possible unsuccessful messages:
Go away, you damn beggar!
Get lost!
Don’t bug me now!
I’ve got nothing to give you, I’m sorry…
I’m sorry but I’ve gotta go now…

Possible messages if you move:
I have to go!
I must leave!!
I must flee!!
I gotta go!

If you haven’t waited enough before you beg the same npc again:
“Hey!! Do I look like a bank?”