To use provocation you will need to have an instrument in your backpack.

Provocation check both provocation skill and musicianship skill to see if you succeed.

Provocation is used to provoke one npc on to another npc/player, if successful the npc will start attacking the targeted npc/player

Success chance will increase with skill and specialization in bard class.

NpcsSkill required
a Drake110
a Bog Thing100
a Sphinx120
a Banshee120
a Wailing Host120
a Unicorn120
a Skeletal Horse120
a Giant Beetle70
a Ridgeback85
a Female Minotaur100
a Satyr75
a Yomotsu Warrior110
a Yomotsu Priest110
a Yomotsu Elder120
a Forest Lord85
a Sporelord85
a Solen Mage100
a Solen Queen105
a Solen Shaman105
a Solen Defender95
a Solen Avenger95
a Solen Apprentice Mage95
a Solen Knight100
a Solen Warrior90
a Pixie90
a Dryad90
a Skeletal Drake115
a Centaur150
a Grave Spider115
an Earth Wyrm125
a Cave Dragon130
a Dark Knight70
a Vampire Bat115
Rogue King150
a Kobold Elite Warrior70
a Kobold50
a Kobold50
a Kobold Archer50
a Kobold Marksman50
a Kobold Warlock85
a Kobold General99
a Kobold Warrior50
a Kobold Warrior50
a Kobold Soldier50
a Kobold Captain70
a Kobold Priest95
a Kobold Mercenary94
a Kobold Enchanter80
a Kobold Underlord90
a Kobold Cavalry120
a Kobold Elite Cavalry70
a Kobold Horseman94
a Dark Bard105
a Bane130
a Nullmag110
a Watermag110
a Firemag110
an Earthmag110
an Airmag110
a Deathmag110
a Magusbane135
a Basilisk110
a Storm Wolf75
a Rabbit5
an Ettin80
a Zombie45
a Gargoyle80
an Eagle25
Orcish Lord80
a Corpser60
Daemon Knight120
a Dragon130
a Poison Dragon140
an Air Elemental90
an Earth Elemental90
a Fire Elemental90
a Water Elemental90
an Ettin80
a Giant Serpent80
a Gazer80
a Liche80
a Spectre60
a Noonwraith90
a Giant Spider70
a Gorilla5
a Stone Harpy75
a Harpy55
a Headless One45
a Mongbat25
a Reaper65
a Carnivorous Plant65
a Giant Scorpion70
a Skeleton50
a Slime20
a Snake60
a Troll80
a Troll80
a Troll80
a Skeleton50
a Skeleton50
a Wisp90
a Dragon130
a Drake110
a Drake110
a Terathan Warrior90
a Terathan Drone90
a Terathan Matriarch100
a Terathan Voidmage100
a Terathan Mage105
a Terathan Priest105
a Titan115
a Cyclops115
a Giant Toad80
a Bull Frog20
an Ophidian Shaman100
an Ophidian Queen105
a Sea Monster60
a Sea Serpent60
a Horse45
a Cat20
an Alligator60
a Pig25
a Horse45
a Rabbit5
a Squirrel5
a Ferret5
a Sheep30
a Chicken5
a Goat30
a Desert Ostard45
a Brown Bear50
a Panda50
a Black Bear55
a Grizzly Bear60
a Polar Bear65
a Panther65
a Skittering Hopper75
a Giant Rat35
a Cow30
a Dog3
a Frenzied Ostard85
a Forest Ostard50
a Llama50
a Walrus50
a Sheep30
a Timber Wolf55
a Horse45
a Horse45
a Cow30
a Bull70
a Bull70
a Hart60
a Hind40
a Rat20
a Pack Horse40
a Pack Llama45
a Cougar60
an Energy Vortex125
an Energy Vortex125
a Ghost60
an Evil Spellbook110
a Seeker110
a Brigand94
a Shabooli Assassin67
a Skeleton Archer50
a Bone Knight55
a Troll Lord90
a Dire Wolf80
an Ice Elemental90
a Snow Elemental90
a Shade65
Ratman Marksman75
Orc Archer75
Orc Marksman75
Lizardman archer75
an Ent100
a Bone Magician55
Lizardman Shaman80
Lizardman Warlock85
Lizardman King85
Lizardman Defender80
a Flaming Skeleton80
an Ice Skeleton55
Orcish King85
a Black Slime45
a Rock Lizard75
a Fire Lizard90
a Bloodliche100
an Undead Flayer130
a Daemon Lieutenant115
a Darkspawn115
a Daemon Spawn115
an Imp90
a Minor Daemon115
a Phase Spider95
a Green Slime45
Ogre Lord100
an Impaler115
a Bladed Daemon115
a Gremlin60
a Blightling60
an Ice Troll80
a Troll Archer85
a Troll Archer85
an Elite Troll Archer90
a Troll Marksman85
a Troll Marksman90
a Troll Warrior85
an Elite Troll Warrior85
a Troll General85
a Troll Warlord95
a Troll Chieftan95
a Troll Shaman95
Orc Warrior70
Orc Warrior70
an Elite Orc Warrior75
Orc Captain80
Orcish Cleric80
Orc Dragon Defender80
a Minotaur110
a Minotaur110
a Savage110
a Rune Beetle110
a Black Orc110
a Black Orc Shaman130
a Black Orc Defender110
a Black Orc Warboss120
a Giant Rock Spider80
a Giant Rock Scorpion80
a Stone Gargoyle75
a Hildisvini35
a Valkerie75
a Giant Frost Spider80
a Frigid Eye80
an Efreet115
a Liche Lord100
a Hell Hound95
a Frost Wolf75
a Rabid Dog35
a Rabid Cat30
a Skeletal Assassin60
an Adept Mage95
a Bone Warlock60
a Flaming Gargoyle100
a Frost Gargoyle80
a Frost Drake115
a Spectral Drake120
Lizardman the Warrior70
Lizardman the Warrior75
Lizardman the Elite Warrior75
Lizardman Marksman75
a Giant Flaming Spider90
Orc Master Mage85
a Black Wisp100
Ogre Rockthrower85
a Rogue Knight95
a Master of the Wind95
a Bewitched Bardiche65
a Bewitched Sword65
a Bewitched Armor65
a Bewitched Gauntlets65
a Bewitched Spear65
a Bewitched Warhammer65
Order of the Iron Fist95
a Raven10
Bewitched Peasant55
an Undead Lizard85
a Beholder80
a Firecrow25
a Blood Elemental120
a Poison Elemental120
a Winged Avenger95
a Brigand Marksmen55
a Giant Sand Worm120
a Snapjaw120
a Mummy50
a Patchwork Skeleton50
a Swamp Boar45
a Brigand Archer55
a Haunted Blade65
a Dark Elf Mage85
a Dark Elf Archer85
a Raptor95
a War Dog50
a Bird Dog10
a Hunting Dog10
a Guard Dog10
a Golden Hawk35
an Air Elemental Lord100
an Earth Elemental Lord100
a Crystal Elemental100
a Flesh Golem100
a Fire Elemental Lord100
a Water Elemental Lord100
a Skeletal Warrior60
a Sheep30
a Brigand Archer55
a Vampire105
a Vampire105
a Dracula105
a Frankenstein105
a Plagued Rat35
a Bat35
a Brigand55
Undead Pirate95
Undead Pirate Captain95
a Doppelganger65
a Nightmare145
a Golden Frenzied Ostard80
a Plains Frenzied Ostard80
a Mountain Frenzied Ostard95
a Swamp Frenzied Ostard80
a Highland Frenzied Ostard85
a Shadow Frenzied Ostard85
a Valley Frenzied Ostard85
a Stone Frenzied Ostard95
an Emerald Frenzied Ostard95
a Ruby Frenzied Ostard95
a Tropical Frenzied Ostard105
a Snow Frenzied Ostard105
an Ice Frenzied Ostard105
a Fire Frenzied Ostard115
a Heavenly Frenzied Ostard110
a Golden Ostard50
a Plains Ostard45
a Mountain Ostard75
a Swamp Ostard55
a Highland Ostard65
a Shadow Ostard65
a Valley Ostard55
a Stone Ostard75
an Emerald Ostard75
a Ruby Ostard75
a Tropical Ostard105
a Snow Ostard95
an Ice Ostard95
a Fire Ostard115
a Heavenly Ostard105
Snow Orc70
Snow Orc Archer75
Snow Orc Lord80
Snow Orc70
Snow Orc Warrior70
Ice Fiend115
a Terathan Avenger95
an Ophidian Shaman105
an Ophidian Defender95
an Ophidian Avenger95
a Djinn115
an Ophidian Apprentice Mage95
an Ophidian Justicar95
an Ophidian Knight-Errant100
an Ophidian Warrior90
an Ophidian Zealot90
a Rabid Rabbit55
a Lesser Shadow140
a Greater Shadow135
a Shadow Lord135
a Radiant Wisp105
a Wyvern120
a Phoenix105
a Revenant60
a Fire Drake115
an Inferno Dragon140
a Frost Dragon140
a Water Drake115
a Tidal Dragon140
an Earth Drake115
a Rock Dragon140
an Air Drake115
a Storm Dragon140
a Shadow Dragon145
a Poison Drake120
an Undead Drake115
a Dracoliche135
a Heavenly Drake125
a Celestial Dragon150
a Thing200
a Corrupted Terathan105
a Darkling Slime90
a Dark Strangler115
a Twisted Bramble125
a Blightwood125
a Wanderer of the Void100
an Umbral Flicker100
an Eviscerated Carcass125
Tainted One105
Tainted One105
Tainted One105
Tainted One105
a Twisted Animation125
a Silver Serpent115
an Ice Elemental Lord100
a Snow Elemental Lord100
a Fire Serpent90
an Amethyst Ostard75
an Amethyst Frenzied Ostard95
a Sapphire Ostard75
a Sapphire Frenzied Ostard95
a Mist Ostard60
a Mist Frenzied Ostard80
an Earth Ostard110
an Earth Frenzied Ostard120
a Necro Ostard110
a Necro Frenzied Ostard120
a Silver Steed120
a Terror Ostard65
a Phased Ostard75
a Blood Ostard80
a Plum Ostard55
a Wind Ostard55
a Terror Frenzied Ostard75
a Phased Frenzied Ostard85
a Blood Frenzied Ostard90
a Plum Frenzied Ostard65
a Wind Frenzied Ostard65
an Ethereal Horse125
a Mountain Wisp90
an Orcish Necromancer85
an Ebony Horror130
an Infernal Wisp95
an Occult Liche130
a Shadow Elemental120
a Jungle Frenzied Ostard110
a Jungle Ostard75
an Inferno Wisp115
an Abyssal Liche130
a Void120
a Mongrel Dog115
a Skeleton Protector60
a Mage Stalker104
a Corrupt Counselor100
a Corrupted Shadow140
a Poisonmare145
an Undead mare145
an Undead mare145
a Water Frenzied Ostard95
a Water Ostard75
an Obsidian Frenzied Ostard110
an Obsidian Ostard85
a Brigand Ranger55
a Dark Ranger105
a Dark Mage120
a Dark Warrior105
a Dark Thief105
a Brigand General115
a Dark Rider105
a Sand Dragon140
a Wyrm 125
a Silver Drake 125
a Golden Drake 125
a Greater Basilisk125
a Jade Golem110
an Onyx Golem110
a Sewage Golem110
a Shadow Golem110
a Steel Golem110
a Stone Golem110
a Wooden Golem110
Master of the Earth115
a Bringer of Death115
an Abominable Snowman115
a Snow Maiden120
a Yeti115
an Umberhulk115
a Forest Wraith115
a Tempest120
a Tainted Water Shrine150
a Tainted Shadow Shrine150
a Tainted Fire Shrine150
a Tainted Air Shrine150
a Tainted Earth Shrine150
a Tainted Poison Shrine150
a Solen Archmage100
a Baby Blue55
a Fairy150
a Tidal Drake115
an Inferno Drake115
a Sand Drake115
a Cave Drake120
a Celestial Drake115
a Rock Drake115
a Storm Drake120
a Gluttons50
a Gluttons50
a vrykol105
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Minion50
a Vortex Sorcerer100
a Vortex Naga105
an Omega Horse150
an Omega Llama150
an Omega Frenzied Ostard150
an Omega Ostard150
an Infernal Horse150
an Infernal Llama150
an Infernal Ostard150
an Infernal Frenzied Ostard150
a Ki-Rin120
a Swamp Dragonling150
an Armored Swamp Dragonling150
an Armored Undead Dragonling135
an Undead Horse135
an Undead Llama135
an Undead Ostard135
an Undead Frenzied Ostard135
Vorpal Lux150
a fairy150
a Spider Lord150
a Nemesis150
an Ancient Wyrm150
a Balron General150
The Dragon Queen150
Elder Guardian Hyperion150
Elder Guardian Buran150
a Remorhaz150
Gin the Legendary Hunter150
a Blue Slaad150
a Glutton150
The Dragon King150
Ancient Thunder God165
a Wizard Bullfrog150
the Kraken150
The Summoner150
Sapling of the Worldtree150
Chief Paroxysmus150
Dread Horn150
Lady Melisande150
Monstrous Interred Grizzle150
Ancient Earth God150
the Darkfather150
an Arcane Daemon150
a Vortex Beast150
a Hydra150
a Water Dragon150
a Quagmire150
a Quagmire150
a Storm Beast150
a Storm Wolf150
an Orc Brute150
a Rhinoceros Beetle150
a Succubus150
the Stomp150
the Stamp150
Sir Tom the Hunchback150
Fallen Angel150
a Great Wyrm150
a Golden Dragon150
a Behemoth150
an Evilpumpkin150
a Balron150
a Balrog150
a Blama150
the Horned Rat150
a Banehorn150
a Termuligin150
a Wraith Lord150
a Terathan Elder Matriarch150
a Terathan Broodlord150
a Solen Hivemind150
a Solen Destroyer150
a Terramental150
a Flaming Balron150
a Dragon Lord150
a Silver Dragon150
a Dark Lancer150
a Frost Balron150
a Water Daemon Lord150
an Abysmal Horror150
a Darknight Creeper150
a Flesh Renderer150
a Ravager150
a Mound of Maggots150
a Chimera150
a Finntroll150
a Bull Frog20
a Kappa150
a Kappa150
a Corrupt Angel150
a Shadow Knight150
a Naga Queen150
a Greater Bone Daemon150