Mace Fighting

Mace fighting will increase the damage and hit chance with mace fighting weapons.

WeaponDamage (x dices with x sides + fixed damage)Speed (Higher is faster)Hit typeBlocks casting if equipped
Black Staff4d5+240NormalNo
Gnarled Staff4d4+530NormalNo
Swift Black Staff4d5+260NormalNo
Swift Gnarled Staff4d4+545NormalNo
Swift Quarterstaff4d475NormalNo
Shepherd's Crook3d430NormalNo
Swift Shepherd's Crook3d445NormalNo
Mystical Black Staff4d5+240NormalNo
Mystical Gnarled Staff4d4+530NormalNo
Mystical Quarterstaff4d450NormalNo
Mystical Shepherd's Crook3d430NormalNo
Stygian Black Staff4d5+260NormalNo
Stygian Gnarled Staff4d4+545NormalNo
Stygian Quarterstaff4d475NormalNo
Stygian Shepherd's Crook3d445NormalNo
Tjaldur's Staff of Haste5d5+2090NormalNo
War Hammer of the Earth Element4d6+2851NormalNo
War Axe4d5+135NormalYes
Hammer Pick4d6+130NormalYes
War Hammer4d6+234NormalYes
War Mace4d6+230NormalYes
Swift War Axe4d5+153NormalYes
Swift Hammer Pick4d6+145NormalYes
Swift Mace4d3+175NormalYes
Swift Maul4d4+260NormalYes
Swift War Hammer4d6+251NormalYes
Swift War Mace4d6+245NormalYes
Swift Club5d545NormalYes
Mystical War Axe4d5+135NormalNo
Mystical Hammer Pick4d6+130NormalNo
Mystical Mace4d3+150NormalNo
Mystical Maul4d4+240NormalNo
Mystical War Hammer4d6+234NormalNo
Mystical War Mace4d6+230NormalNo
Mystical Club5d530NormalNo
Stygian War Axe4d5+153NormalNo
Stygian Hammer Pick4d6+145NormalNo
Stygian Mace4d3+175NormalNo
Stygian Maul4d4+260NormalNo
Stygian War Hammer4d6+251NormalNo
Stygian War Mace4d6+245NormalNo
Stygian Club5d545NormalNo
Anubis's Mace of Death4d3+3675NormalNo
Omero's Pickaxe1d15+540NormalNo
Erik's Big Basher4d6+3745Slayer hit:
Dragon slayer
Nagash's Staff of Sorcery5d5+2380Spell hit:
Spell: Elemental fury
Chance of effect: 50%
Grark's Walking Stick3d4+3545NormalNo