Repair & Refinement

How does repair & refinement work?

You will need to make sure you’ve got these things:

1 : a retort tool (can be bought from the vanity shop)

2 : required reagents (see the table below)

To repair an item without the help from a Crafter, you will need to apply mending oil.

Mending Oil will take on the quality of the material used and use it to repair any piece of equipment.
Mending Oils have 100 “charges” and the repair effectiveness of each charge will depend on the quality of both the Oil and the Equipment.
Mending Oil is non-stackable (due to charges and quality)

Note: mending oils are material agnostic, so a bloodhorse mending oil will fix an angel tunic.


Refining items will take the quality of the material used and you can use it to increase the quality of weapons and armor.
Your chance of refining depends on the quality of the Refining Item and the Equipment. You can only upgrade crafted items!
On Success it will increase the equipment quality by 0.1 (that’s the equivalent of 2.5% damage or AR)
On a failure three things can happen:
5%: Completely destroy the item
15%: Reduce item quality by 0.2
30%: Reduce item quality by 0.1

Alloy (Metal equipment)10 Bloodspawn
10 Ingots
Varnish (Wood equipment)10 Daemon Bone
10 Logs
Compound (Leather Armor)10 Bat Wings
10 Hides
Mending Oil10 Brimstone
10 Ingots/Hides/Logs of any kind