Change-log 15-05-20

Class changes
– Powerplayer class has been added. Powerplayer levels range from 1 to 6. There are no class bonuses yet.

– Buff duration is set to 30 minutes regardless of skill or level.
– Song of Dismissal range has been reduced to max 8 tiles.
– Song of Dismissal stamina cost has been increased.

– Ranged damage bonus has been reduced from 16 tiles to 10. Beyond 10 tiles you will do 1/4th damage.
– Ranged damage multiplier from STR has been removed. Rangers will no longer deal extra damage based on their STR stat.
– Successfully tamed creatures will now display a message above their heads.

– Mage deals more damage with staves.

– Ranged attack has been reduced to 10 tiles. (Shuriken still works beyond 10 tiles).
– Shuriken does slightly more poison damage.

Gameplay changes
– All spells will no longer break concentration when moving. Moving after the target cursor shows up will break concentration.
– All buffs (aside from earth blessing and shapeshift) have been nerfed.
– Slight increase to all buff durations.
– Book of the Earth is now restricted to Mage and Powerplayer class.
– Earth scrolls are now restricted to Mage and Powerplayer class.
– Codex Damnorum is now restricted to Mage and Powerplayer class.
– Necro scrolls are now restricted to Mage and Powerplayer class.
– Codex Caelestis is now restricted to Mage and Powerplayer class.
– Holy scrolls are now restricted to the Mage and Powerplayer class.
– Shapeshift buff received a major increase for Mage class. Slight buff for Powerplayer class.
– Earth blessing buff received a major increase for Mage class. Slight buff for Powerplayer class.
– Earth blessing no longer adds armor rating. Use Protection or Arch Protection for this.
– Earth blessing now correctly shows the duration.
– Earth blessing duration is now the same as other buffs.
– Reveal spell now has a higher chance to detect thieves.
– Reveal spell is no longer affected by immunity effects such as Blackrock.
– Reveal spell has been reduced to a max of 10 tile range (magery skill / 25 = tile-amount). Mages get a bonus (1+(0.25*level)).
– Fixed a typo with Holy Spell: Apocolypse is now Apocalypse.
– Curse spell now has the same reduction in modifiers as the Mass Curse spell.
– Control Undead now shows a proper message and plays a sound when you take control of an undead creature.
– Field spells no longer damage players inside houses and boats.
– You can only use spell scrolls while stationary.
– You will now gain skills from all scrolls.

Detecting hidden:
– Detection system has received an overhaul. It should now be possible to detect lvl 6 thieves again under certain circumstances.
– Max range of the detecting hidden has been reduced to 17 tiles.
– Lowered the detection skill on low level NPC’s.
– Some bosses have received an increase or reduction to their detect hidden skill.

– All Song buffs have been nerfed.
– Buffs modifiers are slightly random.
– Song scrolls are now restricted to the Bard class.
– Song of Defense now plays a sound.

Roleplaying system:
– RPer system added. [RPer]’s will be able to attack each other but they won’t be able to attack non-RPers and vice versa.
– RPer town of Randorin has been added. Gate is located south of Ocllo Bank.
– Rules are posted on the website and RPer Discord channel.

– Reduced Sages Robe Magic Efficiency from 15% to 10%.
– Reduced Staff of Nagash Magic Efficiency from 15% to 10%.
– Reduced Staff of Nagash damage by a decent amount.
– Greater Agility potions made by non-spec Mages no longer display the [Level 3] tag.
– Magic fish will now display a detailed message when used.
– GM Fishing rod of Sacrifice no longer uses random splash animations.
– Fortified helmets no longer give ridiculous amounts of armor. Instead it gives a fixed amount of armor and the modifiers from both pieces.
– As we cannot guarantee a 100% removal of bugged fortified hats we have decided to remove all of them. Bugged or not.
– All current fortified items have been reduced to match with the values from the bug-fix.
– Brown bear rugs can now be placed again.

– Vortexbeast deals less damage but shoots a bit faster.
– Specters can now be spellbound (control undead, spellbind). All spawned spectres have been removed.
– Reduced champion monster spawn range.

– New poison system added that calculates damage based on if you are a spec/non-spec thief or using a shuriken(as a spec thief).
– Two new No-PvP dungeons have been added that are accessible by players of spec 4 and below or PP’s of lvl 1 and below (gates are south of Ocllo bank).
– Fixed a bunch of typos when Elemental Shrine Lords create items for the player.
– Some account bans that have happened a year ago have been lifted. Try to behave this time!
– Starting items have been adjusted (no more spell reagents are given)
– Ghosts are now able to properly hear other ghosts.
– Ghosts will now be forced into war mode upon death.
– NPC’s taken from a spawn-point with control undead will now properly respawn.

– Two new Counselors have been hired to help out the staff-team.
– Algaran is contributing on Development and will eventually make the move there.