Hot-fix 07-07-20

Due to some issues with personal Powerhour and Bard’s not able to cast on themselves we have decided to do an emergency fix. Below are the changes that have been applied. While we try to keep the hot-fixes to a minimum sometimes they are unavoidable. We hope you appreciate the work that goes into it and we apologize for the inconvenience!


– Fixed an issue where custom houses didn’t get teleporters*. (Contact staff to have them added)
– Fixed a bug where RPer’s would get renamed after participating in Color Wars.
– Fixed a bug where Staff members would also get killed after Color Wars ended.
– Fixed a bug where bards couldn’t heal themselves anymore.
– Fixed a bug where verses were not affecting the bard itself.
– Deadly Sure Strike Shurikens will no longer poison players inside a No PK area.
– Fixed a bug with slayer hit-scripts creating broken weapons.
– Fixed a bug where you could control more creatures than the cap limit allows.
– Fixed a bug where personal Powerhour wouldn’t stop properly and displayed a negative time remaining message.
– Removed the debug messages from the Beastal Bond verse.

– Half-resources Powerhour now checks for half materials at the start of the craft.
– Moved CW kegs next to cannons.
– When you Join Color Wars your items will now be placed inside of a bag in your bank.
– Improved all CW load-outs to be more like the Tournament.
– Improved .setph command. It now tells you which Powerhour you are in when used.
– Increased max Magically controlled pets to 5.
– Mount Stones take Rebirth potions to revive the mount. They don’t require you to be in a town/home anymore (same as other mounts).

– Reduced Bardic Boulder damage.
– Fixed Party check on Bard Songs.
– Verse boosts now only work if the receiver is in the same party as the bard or if neither are in a party.


* Teleporters are available for these custom houses:
– Two-Story Large Log Cabin (5 teleporters)
– Two-Story Plaster Manor (4 teleporters)
– Two-Story Thatched Manor (6 teleporters)
– Four-Story Stone and Plaster House (1 teleporters)
– Large Stone Manor (8 teleporters)
– Three-Story Double House (4 teleporters)
– Three-Story Stone Villa (2 teleporters)
– Marble Tower (5 teleporters)
– Three-Story Large Plaster Manor (4 teleporters)
– Three-Story Oriental House (2 teleporters)