Hot-fix 23-05-20

Due to some recent problems that arrived after yesterdays patch we will be applying a patch to deal with this. Any faulty items will be restored to their original values. 


– Elemental Fury damage has been reduced by 30%.
– Caster weapons and armor have their damage reduced by 30%.
– Custom house exhibit area is now open and is a safe zone which can be entered from the Ocllo Architect building.

– Reduced the Earthbless and Shapeshift self-boost (only affects mages) by lowering STR, INT a slight bit and reducing DEX by half..
– Evaluating Intelligence debug messages have been removed.
– Item ID can now be used to check item details again. Identifying normal items yields no skill gain.

– It’s a bit easier for a thief to cure himself with laced bandages.

– Curing with spells has become more difficult (use healing modifiers to increase the chance).
– Antidote has a slightly better cure chance than Cure and Arch-cure.

– Level 2 protections have been increased from 35% to 50%.
– Level 3 elemental protections now give 65% instead of 50%. All items have been adjusted.
– GM Armors and Elemental Armors give 65% elemental protection instead of 50%.
– Free action, healing modifier and physical protections will now give the correct amount. All bugged items are fixed.

– Increased the physical damage on (super)bosses by 10%.