Item Wipe incoming on 15-03-20

On Sunday, March 15th, 2020 Zulu Hotel Omega will be having a FULL ITEM WIPE! ALL ITEMS and HOUSES will be removed from ALL accounts.

Your character’s Skills/Stats and Skill/Stat Caps will remain at whatever they are at the time of the Item Wipe.

Log into the Shard and SPEND your gold, use up your Resources, HUNT for Ancient Tomes and Transcendence Scrolls to maximize your Skills BEFORE the ITEM Wipe on March 15th! Break out your “Best Gear” and battle it out with Friend and Foe!

When the Shard comes back online your Characters will have only your Skills and dressed in your Birthday Suits!

A whole new set of Challenges and Adventures await as the Race for the “Best Gear” begins! Happy Hunting!! Cheers!!