Maintenance 20:00 CET 31/3-2019

Will do a restart 20:00CET tonight to add some updates.

The shard is now online again!

Added new GM weapons. 
You can no longer summon creatures inside multis. 
Liche spell is now activated again. 
Transformation spells will now transform you if you are unmounted. 
Buff icons are now in the game, you can open your buff bar at the little diamond on your status bar. 
Reworked the buff system. 
Holy scrolls now weigh less. 
Added GM weapon for wrestling, check info vault for more information. 
Added GM item for thiefs, check info vault for more information. 
Bosses have now become smarter. 
Gave Highpriest uncurse a max charge of 60k. 
You can no longer bug change your name. 
You will no longer be able to walk onto a gangplank from land. 
You can now leave town membership even if you candidate for mayor. 
Dungeon teleporters should no longer fail to create. 
Reworked class system to enforce your true class level onto you.