Relaunch 14th of December 18:00CET

To start off, we know that we have been very absent lately. This is because of life, there will always be times where we will be more busy than we wish.

When we started this shard we decided that we would keep it up as long as players wanted it to be up. We had a plan that we could have a shard online that wouldn’t require staff interaction and we managed that to a certain extent but there will always be a small need no matter what you do with scripts. Unfortunately this part is nothing we can do about, because of our limited time and the lack of trustworthy staff in our community this is how we will continue to roll.

To give this shard another chance to get alive again we decided it needed a reset to allow new and old players to start off on the same terms again. With this we mean a full character and item wipe.

As this is happening we also decided to add changes that wouldn’t be possible without this. We want to balance the playing field a bit, so hardcore players won’t become “unkillable” from the normal players. We also want to make it easier to train your skills/stats to get you quicker out in the world. And when you get out there we want it to be easier to get the items you want.

We know that people will have mixed feelings about this and we understand that we can’t make everyone happy. To show our appreciation for all our old/current players we decided to add some stuff that only you can take part off! To receive these stuff you will need to have an account with players on already.

In this new age all towns are taken back from the monsters and now flourish again full with NPC’s and democracy. Town systems are back in the game just like back in the days!

Shard will be down from today until the launch date, this is because of work we need to do on the server that wouldn’t make it a fun experience for you anyway with lags/shut downs etc. We will also install some new hardware to the server so we can have more features available for us.

We will relaunch the server back up the 14th of December 18:00CET 2018! Check out the new updates below.

Change log for the new start:

Skill gain has been increased for all skills.
Skill gain for first gen players has increased above that.
Stat gain system reworked.
Stat gain from all skills have been increased.
You can no longer max Bowcraft with just shaft/feathers.
You can now use kindlings from your backpack.
You can now find gems (ebon, dsr, rnd) inside safe/guarded areas again.
The chance of finding zulu/gems (ebon, dsr, rnd) have been decreased inside of safe/guarded areas.
The chance of finding zulu/gems (ebon, dsr, rnd) have been increased outside of safe/guarded areas.
You will now receive double the amount of zulu/gems (ebon, dsr, rnd) outside of safe/guarded areas.
Using omeros will now double the amount of zulu ore you get.

Fighting skill items that shared names (Arms masters etc) now have different names.
Nagash’s Staff of Sorcery now boost less.
Stat mods now give +2 per level instead of 5.
Added stat potions that will take you above the 130 cap to a max of 150, drops from champion boss.
Added Legendary skill items that will give +10 points up to max 150.
GM armors/weapons are now unbreakable.
You can no longer place statues etc outside your home.
GM Armors/weapons now show a yellow text when clicked to show its unbreakable.
GM Weapons used to harvest materials will no longer break if too low skill.
You can now use kindlings from your backpack.
Kindlings now disappear abit quicker from the ground.
Spear of Renah now have a chance to cast meteor swarm.
Halberd of Alcatraz is now 2 tiles and hit slow but hard.
Enchanted Sword of Zulu now have a chance to cast one of 5 different kind of spells.
Erik’s Big Basher is now a dragon slayer weapon.
Dekeron’s Thunder now have a higher cast chance.
Bardiche of Lynx is now 2 tiles and has a random slaytype each hit.
Axe of Anias now have a chance to cast explosion.
Piercing weapons is now removed from the loot.
Void weapons now deals increased damage.

Loot from bosses are now less random.
Loot from bosses are now a bit higher.
Stat mods are now less rare.
Finding items with multiple mods on them are now less random.
Added Legendary skill items to loot(very rare).
Gold from mobs are now less then before.
Power tomes / transcendence scrolls are now a bit easier to find.
Gm Weaps/armors are now a bit easier to find.
Earth/necro/holy/song books are now a bit easier to find from bosses.

Added Power hour for double skill gain.
Added Power hour for half crafting material cost, this includes (Alchemy(regular reagents), Blacksmithing, Bowcraft, Carpentry, Cartography, Cooking, Tailoring and Tinkering) It does not include crafting stuff that usually consume a whole stack when made, like kindlings.
Added Power hour for hunting, this will increase the chance of items to drop but not the level of items. This will also increase the amount of stackable items dropping.
One of the three kinds of power-hours will now be randomly activated during Sundays at 20:00 CET (Will be broadcasted when it goes live and when it ends).

New race added called Omega, only available for First gen accounts.
Added Town stone system.
You can now find a shady merchant in Buccaneer’s den.
Added champion spawn, champion monsters have purple names so you know which ones to kill.

Merchants should no longer get stuck underground.
Dark Lancer now deals abit less damage.

.showcaps now show stat caps aswell.


Stat potions:
There will be one kind of potion for each different stat, they will be clearly named so you know which stat it will yield.
When used you will gain 1 statpoint and increase your cap by 1. Your cap can be increased up to 150 base stat after that the potions will not grant a higher cap.
You can however still use the stat potions to increase your statpoints if you havn’t reach your cap yet.

Champion spawns:
Champion spawns will spawn waves of monsters that you need to kill as quick as possible. Failing to kill them quick enough will reset the spawn so make sure you have what it takes.
While killing the champion monsters there will spawn white candles on the champion spawn showing your progress on the current wave. You will need 4 white candles to complete a wave and spawn a red candle indicating you completed a wave. There is 16 waves to complete before the champion boss spawns. Disclaimer, this is not a task for a solo player and estimated time to finish this is around 1 hour for 4 highly geared players.