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    Hey everyone….. I never imagined I would ever return to playing this game (and to be honest I’m not even sure I will even now). I was curious and made an account after I saw a post on facebook.

    I don’t know if anyone at all remembers me since I started very early in the ZH life cycle. I think only Zulu himself, Admin Alcatraz, Admin Renah, Admin Kieri and Admin Anias started before me :p j/k

    I started in ZH1 and played through ZH2 and ZH3 which was later called ZHC.
    Maybe some people might remember some of these things.
    -My main character was Santaclaus (which is the gaming handle that i started with in Zuluhotel and which I still use to this day in all games and consoles :p )
    – When they implemented the class system in ZH3 i made a warrior called Death
    – Admin Alcatraz aka Delorean is my Cousin IRL, GM Lynx aka Poland is my older brother IRL, Neo is one of my best friends IRL
    – I was one of the founding members of a guild called Drink or Die /DoD which was quite big back then.

    Anyway I already recognize some named I’v seen around here. Just wanted to check out the shard. I think its funny that even to this day, over 20 years later, there is still a Zuluhotel shard with people playing 😀

    I’m curious what all you guys have been up to