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      Since you can’t seem to let this go, let’s go ahead and ruin your reputation more since that seems to be what you want. I will first quote some of your false information you posted.

      “This post keeps being deleted. Someone doesnt want me to tell the truth. So here goes once more. ” – I deleted it once because you placed it in the wrong place, this time i found where i could change it’s place.

      “Now this shard is run by 2 staff members. Admin Nagash and Developer Dreams.” – Wrong we still have a Developer named Hybrid with us in the background.

      “And here there was a poll with 2 options asking players what we wanted. 1) No do not add staff less corruption is more important (yes the word corruption was in there) or 2) yes take the risk (take the risk?). This is where the propaganda started causing me to already raise an eyebrow to this choice of words for hiring new staff.” – This was because i’ve personally heard shitty things about you and your brother from people i know making me reluctant to Nagash wanting to hire new staff.

      “Up to this moment I still have not gotten any reply and still my brothers accounts have not been reinstated. That’s why I have to tell everyone the truth. ” – Simple answer, don’t want to waste my time more then i have to on cheaters.

      “What I did (because I did move some items from banks and returned them all) was all in preparation for the MOAT (Mother Of All Quests) that i was planning and/or with players consent.” – I got reports of stuff that had been moved and bags closing from peoples backpacks for no reason, logs confirmed it. Logs also show your weeks of preparation, let me show a picture.
      Event book
      PS. That’s the whole book.

      “In the old shard when a staff member was suspected of corruption we would follow this member closely and demote the staff member to counselor. Than summoned to provide an explanation after confronting him with the hard evidence.
      Here nothing happened. No chance to explain or clear up things. Also in ALL the hours I was online there was only 1 brief contact with Nagash in the only moment he was online. Dreams has not been seen nor any other staff member in ALL THE HOURS that I was online.” – So you haven’t seen me online, hmmm how can that be? Maybe because i’ve been watching you from the shadows lol… Also by the way, i even checked how long it would take you to answer some pages since they werent important enough that they needed to be answered right away. Answer = 5days+. *spoiler alert, you were online during these 5 days*

      “I don’t know what evidence (if there is any) is being held against me but I am not and have never been corrupt.” – Seems like you are a little uncertain “if there is any”? Lets have a look at it shall we. I won’t take pictures of everything since it would take to long.

      Few examples where you use your staff as a personal transportation device:
      [21:41:57 – 5501,1159,6] sCMD: goto.ecl – TGT: Roan/794579 – OTHER: XYZ – 3014,116,0
      [21:42:04 – 3017,119,0] sCMD: summon.ecl – TGT: Santaclaus/784307
      [21:44:32 – 3016,179,0] sCMD: goto.ecl – TGT: Roan/794579 – OTHER: XYZ – 2452,82,0
      [21:44:37 – 2452,86,0] sCMD: summon.ecl – TGT: Santaclaus/784307
      [21:47:38 – 2572,147,0] sCMD: summon.ecl – TGT: Roan/794579

      Harrasing players:
      [22:45:58 – 1434,1397,7] sCMD: sayabove.ecl – TGT: HonJin/90555 – OTHER: Text: I am an ass
      [22:46:08 – 1434,1397,7] sCMD: sayabove.ecl – TGT: HonJin/90555 – OTHER: Text: but i really like GM Phalanx
      [22:46:28 – 1434,1397,7] sCMD: sayabove.ecl – TGT: HonJin/90555 – OTHER: Text: i am doing something fun

      Seems just like fun until you see the rest:
      [10:14:48 – 7042,382,0] sWat ben je aan het doen
      [10:14:50 – 7042,382,0] smet honjin
      [10:14:51 – 7042,382,0] shomo
      [10:14:48 – 7042,382,0] sWhat are you doing?
      [10:14:50 – 7042,382,0] tainted honjin
      [10:14:51 – 7042,382,0] shomo

      Interfering with people hunting:
      Changing out a super boss to a hard normal boss.
      [23:57:17 – 5341,1551,0] sCMD: createnpc.ecl – TGT: 5343,1548,0 – OTHER: darklancer/1009727
      [23:58:14 – 5336,1590,0] sCMD: kill.ecl – TGT: Tiamat/1004492
      Changing the dex of a Legendary hunter to almost the double.
      [23:48:54 – 5986,1642,0] sCMD: info.ecl – TGT: Gin the Legendary Hunter/1008335 – OTHER: Edit Stat 3: 1000

      Stealing items from other players:
      [15:40:50 – 4228,679,26] sMove Item: Adamantium Surcoat/1130985438 – Unknown Drop Location! – Taken From: { 1130985438, 1106258090, { 119, 65, 0 } }
      [15:41:12 – 4228,679,26] sMove Item: Platemail Legs of Ryous/1130299531 – Unknown Drop Location! – Taken From: { 1130299531, 1113618291, { 44, 115, 0 } }
      [15:41:20 – 4228,679,26] sMove Item: Platemail Arms of Ryous/1130840241 – Unknown Drop Location! – Taken From: { 1130840241, 1113618291, { 142, 120, 0 } }
      [15:43:28 – 4215,678,26] sMove Item: Adamantium Fancy Dress/1130298711 – Unknown Drop Location! – Taken From: { 1130298711, 1113618291, { 119, 65, 0 } }

      Deci > Hex, 1113618291 > 0x42607773

      Name Daemon Backpack
      Serial 0x42607773
      ObjType 0xe75
      Graphic 0xe75
      Color 0x66d
      X 4229
      Y 679
      Z 26
      Facing 21
      Revision 2
      Realm britannia
      CProp BaseName sDaemon Backpack
      DecayAt 29743304
      Hp 2
      Quality 2.1
      Not your house

      Deci > Hex, 1130840241 > 0x436740b1
      Name Platemail Arms of Ryous
      Serial 0x436740b1
      ObjType 0x988a
      Graphic 0x1410
      Color 0x585
      X 83
      Y 81
      Z 0
      Facing 19
      Revision 4
      Realm britannia
      CProp EarthProtection i75
      CProp EnchantColor i1413
      CProp FromLoot a4:S26:A corpse of the Horned Rati29267627i9u
      CProp IDed i1
      CProp IsGMItem sPlatemail Arms of Ryous
      Container 0x43080a13
      DecayAt 29507011
      Serial 0x43080a13
      ObjType 0xe75
      Graphic 0xe75
      X 44
      Y 65
      Z 0
      Facing 21
      Revision 3
      Realm britannia
      Container 0x42d0ab6a
      DecayAt 29509654
      Serial 0x42d0ab6a
      ObjType 0xe75
      Graphic 0xe75
      X 3684
      Y 2511
      Z 0
      Facing 21
      Revision 0
      Realm britannia
      Layer 21
      Container 0xc1fc7
      DecayAt 29741346
      Account raistlin
      CharIdx 0
      Name Raistlin
      Serial 0xc1fc7
      ObjType 0x190
      Graphic 0x190
      Color 0x420
      X 2572
      Y 128
      Z 6
      Revision 559
      Realm britannia
      CProp BeardColour i0
      CProp BoatOwned i1124100214
      CProp BoostedSkillNr1 i3
      CProp BoostedSkillNr2 i26
      CProp BoostedStat sStr
      CProp CastingNecro i1
      CProp CombatSkillsLevel a7:xxxxi0i8i0
      CProp CreatedAt i19320167
      CProp Detsnoob i1
      CProp Detsoob i2
      CProp Fame i7661
      CProp GuildChat a2:i3i3
      CProp HairColour i1102
      CProp ImmunityMatrix a10:a0:a0:a0:a0:xa0:a0:a0:a0:a0:
      CProp IsMage i4
      CProp Karma i10445
      CProp KilledBySerial i784307
      CProp Killer sSantaclaus
      CProp KillerAcct ssantaclaus
      CProp KillerSerial i784307
      CProp NecroProtection i0
      CProp NewRegenRateForlife i100
      CProp PoisonedBy sRaistlin
      CProp ProtectionMatrix a2:a0:a0:
      CProp ResProtection i27117341
      CProp SkillsState a44:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxS1:lxxxxxxxxxxxxS1:lS1:lS1:lS1:l
      CProp StupidBankFix i1
      CProp autoloop i0
      CProp death i27120873
      CProp deathx i2468
      CProp deathy i88
      CProp deathz i8
      CProp freedeath i1
      CProp hunger i7
      CProp mr i26
      CProp nextguard i24479456
      CProp onlinetimer i2884526
      CProp pScrollMatrix a49:i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i0i5i0i0i0
      CProp psnDmg i25
      CProp shrines r2
      TrueColor 0x420
      TrueObjtype 0x190
      RegisteredHouse 0x437358fb
      Gender 0
      Race 0
      MountedSteps 112846
      Strength 90
      Intelligence 114.9
      Dexterity 30.9
      Alchemy 120.7
      ItemId 116.6
      EvaluatingIntelligence 130
      Inscription 115.7
      Magery 130
      MagicResistance 127.5
      Tactics 0;1
      SpiritSpeak 109.7
      Macefighting 0;1
      Fencing 0;1
      Wrestling 0;1
      Meditation 123.2
      Life 90
      Mana 114
      Stamina 29
      Privs seeghosts
      Settings seeghosts
      CreatedAt 19320167
      TitlePrefix “The Glorious”
      TitleSuffix “, Grandmaster Mage”
      TitleGuild “The Old Gods, (ToG)”
      TitleRace “Human”

      Name raistlin
      Password *******
      Enabled 1
      Banned 0
      UOExpansion AOS
      CProp EMail sML
      CProp IP s217.120.189.250
      CProp LastLogin i1532592846
      CProp Login s2018-07-26 10:14:06
      CProp SignupIP i0
      Name santaclaus
      Password ******
      Enabled 1
      Banned 0
      UOExpansion AOS
      CProp EMail sML
      CProp IP s217.120.189.250
      CProp LastLogin i1532594272
      CProp Login s2018-07-26 10:34:45
      CProp SignupIP i0

      “Now the answer to what staff members are corrupt I will leave up to you to make up your own mind. ” – Yeah you’re right, i will do the same. I won’t waste more time with you tbh. Good luck in the future, if you want a reference for a staff position feel free to use this post.