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    “Yeah it would really be bad for me to have legit staff running around doing real staff work, what should i do with my life if someone actually took that work away from me…” (is that all the work you did when you had all the time to be watching from the shadows (like your reply down here??)??)

    “Dreams has not been seen nor any other staff member in ALL THE HOURS that I was online.” – So you haven’t seen me online, hmmm how can that be? Maybe because i’ve been watching you from the shadows lol…” (this post i mean)

    You wanted proof so you could say they are fabricated, here take some more. Phalanx log , but wait i probably sat and fabricated over 8.5k lines for just this day. (nope you had a couple of weeks since you have already shown and acknowledged you were at it from before we even started. But you wouldnt be the person to delete of alter posts right? O wait….)

    Cya on the flip side. (I am Sorry Dreams but I am not going to date you. I only go out with trustworthy people)

    How about you reinstate all my brothers accounts and do some actual work with good intentions?