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    Hello Everybody!

    Been playing since ZH Canada. Some might remember my characters:
    ZHC: Frodo of Occlo[PP], Ghaleon [DLoE][Mage]
    ZHS: He-Man[Warrior],
    CR: Vash[Mage]
    Medieva(not ZH): Andarium[Ranger]
    ZH Chronicles: Bortsvinet[Ranger]
    ZH Factions: Reynolds[Ranger]
    Monadirm’s Uprising: Reii Onizuka[Crafter] Rock Lee[PP]

    And many more xD

    Seeing a lot of familiar faces here! Hey Kieeps, LoneWolf, Pill, Willow Leaf!
    And ofc. Nagash =) good to be back.

    //afk Macroing.