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      Hey man,

      Good to see you too and thanks for joining. I will be adding some more info during the next few days. I have been busy preparing the site and shard for launch. We are doing some final tests and then we should be ready to go. Shard story-wise: Basically in short. Most of the world has been taken over by monsters (Hence the name ZH Omega which means “last” or “the end” in latin, both being the last POL shard I will be making and the end (apocalypse) of the in-game world). Monsters are mostly situated on the mainland having taken over “most” towns there. This means effectively that the number of NPC’s where you can get materials from has been reduced. We try to find a balance in supply and demand (vendor-wise) and I also want player-crafters to fill a certain role in this as well. Furthermore T2A has been closed off due to previous experiences with players getting stuck, killed and then losing loot due to line of sight issues. In it’s place we have added some new areas (mostly dungeons) which you will be able to find in the world. The staff on this shard will be limited to myself. which basically means there will be no corruption and pages will take time to be answered. The shard has been designed around this and you will notice that the website offers features to aid me in this as well such as a private messaging system and forums.

      Resources will be the same as classic Zuluhotel, that means Zulu ores, radiant nimbus diamonds etc. No new ores and logs have been introduced thus far.

      Skill gain will be moderate. Which means that certain skills are easier to macro/train than others. Skill-gain will not be super fast but also not be super slow. You will start out with a boost of two skills to 90 and one stat to 90 (TIP: Pick 2 other skills that start at 50 when creating a character). The loot has received a bunch of changes and the ways to get “good” loot has been made more difficult. For example we no longer have SoS bottles. High level treasure-maps will be inside dungeons. Most of the bosses have been randomized (which means you will not be able to lure that behemoth to the water every time). Aside from that all the NPC’s have been reworked in terms of loot and have been assigned proper loot groups. The chance for power and vanquishing weapons is fair while devastation is more difficult. Still there’s always that lucky drop.

      The scripts are based on POL 099 and shows similarity to ZH Dreams and ZH Valhalla. We have spend a long time getting rid of bugs, improving and adding new features. For example the guild system features a fully working alliance/war system with alliance chat as well.

      Classes feature the same mechanics as ZHC. That means 130 skill/stat soft-cap and 150 skill hard-cap.

      That’s it in a nutshell. I’ve probably forgot a ton but those are all the things you will have to discover for yourself :-).