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    that is a lot to read lol
    two things: i am an old zulu hotel canada player. i also only macro right now so i couldn’t comment on the classes or anything yet.
    secondly if it is so bad and or you don’t play here, why are you wasting your time posting on the forums bashing the server? you typed all that and never answered my question…

    oh yeah and this “it’s one sided and friends that played Zulu hotel and is for them and not random oldies or new players” so you’re saying that this server is for old zulu hotel players and not for new players? well, no shit random internet person. i highly doubt uo gets ANY new players ANYWHERE. nobody is going to the store and buying this game, believe that. ALL uo players are old players 99.9999% of the time.

    and as far as old zulu friends benefiting from whatever you say.. well where is my benefits? lol.. i have staffed, built and spawned servers for a bunch of staff from zuluhotel canada, and i can tell you that i haven’t gotten or expect anything beneficial here. and have never gotten benefits from knowing them

    this is how to handle your situation.
    screenshots, chat logs etc. make a case and send it to staff. cheaters will be handled and bugs will be fixed. that is how you fix a problem