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      Hi qark,

      It’s hard to give you a simple fix to this since it can be so many things causing this. I will give you a check list that may or may not help you.

      1. Check your power options on your computer, make sure you don’t allow your computer to go to sleep/hybrid sleep and that you have maximum performance everywhere also check so it doesn’t turn off your hard disk after a while.

      2. Check the device manager on your network card and make sure it doesn’t have any weird power saving option. Will probably have to google this since it can be alot of options here.

      3. Google your router and see if other people have disconnect problems with it, some routers does a super short restart of some sort every once in a while that will sometime disconnect you, sometimes only one client sometimes no client etc. D-link routers are known to have this problem. This problem mostly only occurs in UO and won’t be noticed in other games/browsers.

      4. You are running some weird macro, this should show you a message when disconnected so make sure you have your journal up so you can check it in case this is the problem.

      5. Sometime you will loose connection to the server shortly, wich can happen to everyone. This can’t be solved unless you move to Nagash and go lan mode.

      Hope any of these options will solve your problem, otherwise i think google will be your best option i’m afraid. Good luck!