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    Ohh I also left out that a thief can not be revealed by not even another lvl 5 thief lmao??? Honestly something has to be done because thief’s are to godly and are the only people sneaking around looking for people hard earned hunting gear… and there the only feared class on this server all other classes I would be gladly to run into anytime!!!!but a naked thief with 900 charges owns me??? If anything it makes sense to make pps opt why?? Because they have all skills and take the most to macro out of all character… some people will have mixed feelings I understand but instead of bashing me help me understand??? To balance pvp think about doing something about pps, turn down thief’s a little… or give mods back there original + stats because even at 270 star I die in just about 3 ticks of a thief and not to mention the ticks are so fucking fast!!!! I understand thief’s are a pain to macro and they need some type of benefit for pvp but this is insane I think about changing something with them please??? And consider letting pps be opt WHY? Not because I love them I played all threwout years just fine… BUT they take the longest to macro and the most work and getting shitted on and only way they own from my experience is if you have a 100% elly furry wepon… and the chances of anyone finding one of them is like the chances of like maybe something will be done about this??? Or is this honestly just a server for close Zulu friends???