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    What rules do we abuse? As far as I know, it is not forbidden to lay the chests on the ground. Or maybe I trees not to cut your Kraft already chopped? friends let’s start with the fact that no shard rules we do not break and will not break. Just play for fun, and what happened is the gameplay, I hope the irony you understand… if you are interested to cut and dig without fear, the flag in your hands. We are not going to use bugs if we find or make any attacks on the server. We like the game because we are old players from the beginning of the creation of this game, many are 30+ you write the rules we learn about them and will follow them. But this does not mean that once again, the usual way of life that has developed sometimes will be filled with unusual fun and interesting events thanks to Russian) I wish everyone a pleasant game, a good connection. I also had questions to the administration because of one incident, but it is not made public, because I respect your time and reputation. Be kind to each other and I think we like to fight within the rules