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    Something to consider is that it doesn’t matter what item you are crafting, as long as the difficulty of what you are crafting is slightly higher or matching with your current skill amount. Letting macros run for long stretches making items with the same difficulty as skill level still turns out decent gains.

    This is important because it can actually work out in your favor depending on what resources (in this case ores) you currently have available to you to go ahead and make items that cost less overall.

    As an example, if you have a ton of lavarock, and are at 100, it would probably work out better to make platemail gloves until about 105/110ish… because it will probably increase your skill by the same amount a lower tier breastplate would, but using less resources, thus getting more gains from the materials you already have.

    This is especially true with carpentry, where the precedent item is traditionally black staffs, but its actually clubs that give you the most gains, due to difficulty vs. resources used.