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    Guys, I hope you’re all well and healthy.
    Summer’s treated me well, no tan though.

    I haven’t been involved in any of the many ZH clones since… ZHR, I think.
    Quit that because of the russians. Sorry to any russians who might feel offended by that statement, butttt… probably know where I’m coming from, eh? Eh? No? 🙁

    Anyhow. I’m swedish. Started out in the end of ZH2 before the class system was introduced with the coming of ZH3, if I remember correctly. Anyone know if the half blinded guy who used to play as a smith is still going strong?

    You might know me as fuzzyEskimo, imaEskimo (yes… I was a copycat), integer, cannabreth, peejay.

    ‘Sup Nagash.