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    Well I never thougth I’d be playing again, but fuck, I’ll give it a shot again.. Nagash I’m not sure if you remember me, but I shared Lara Craft with my cousin. Back then his alternate was Witchblade and mine was DeatClaw. If i remember correctly we ran DMoE for while. He had far more interaction with you guys then i did back then, I was weird (still am) hahaha.
    Looks like i’m probably one of the only ‘Oldies’ that’s coming back. I’ll inform the others if run into them (Neo/Lynx, Poland, Santaclaus, Delorian(Keldorian? it’s been too long)/ Alcatraz. Hell, i’ll see if i can contact Mosredna as well.

    Edit: Are GM weapons going to be included? Is Axe of Anias included as well? Just wondering. Dean took it out when she left.