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    Magic Eff 18%. Highest it can be without a sage for a spec mage to my knowledge. Thats not really what im talking about anyway tho. Im talking the random range you stats increase per bless. Since the lowering, the highest nag buff for me that ive seen is a 66 now, and the lowest increase from a nag staff bless is a 51. What im saying is leave the max at +66, but make it so the lowest increase of stats it will give you is say +56(like i said a +/- of 10). My point is your stuck with this buff for 30 mins, which isnt very long i know. Im saying maybe the nag buff’s should be more controlled and not so random with a range of a possible bless of +66 to a possible +51. Make it say +66 to +56(or 66 to 60 or something). Like i say just a thought. Nothing to do with the buff lowering, there has always been the “range” but maybe it should be a bit smaller?