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      Welcome aboard :). I remember you Lara, I remember all the Dutchies. You should get them to come back and play. The shard is looking much better than it was back then. Still the same mechanics but allot of improvements that make it more enjoyable to play. And yea there have been a few Alcatraz’s. But the original one is Delorean whom the Halberd was named after. Keldorain was a Swede I believe but he did hang out with us allot in DoD.

      Axe of Anias and all the other classic GM weapons are in the game. The only extra GM weapon that was added is my own staff. Zulu never made me one *sniff*.

      Whats up Biggus! Long time no see :). I sure remember you haha. Say hello to Susan for me. We had some great times together, Maxda used to hang out allot with her as well.

      It’s good seeing so many familiar faces. Today I will be sending out another 200 mails. Let’s see who else will show up!